10th Graders Take PLAN Test With Mixed Emotions

At every school in Hamilton County, every tenth grader has the opportunity to take the PLAN Test. This test is supposed to prepare students for the American College Test (ACT) and give them an idea of what to expect when they have to actually take it. The sophomores at Central High School took this test on Wednesday, October 1. Students had both positive and negative opinions about the test.

“It gives me a general idea of what the ACT will be like next year. It will definitely make me want to be engaged in school and answer every question knowing I got it right. Honestly, I thought it was quite easy. The only hard part was trying to finish all the questions in the given amount of time,” said Miranda Spainhower, a current sophomore who took the test.

Once finished, the tests are turned into to the ACT’s central office so they can be graded and returned to the students. With this information, students get the opportunity to check over their answers and see what they missed and how they can improve from them

“I was told we are able to look at the questions we missed when our tests come back so I will be able to see my strengths and weaknesses,” noted Emily Feist, another sophomore who took this test.

“We know that students in Tennessee need to do well on the ACT in order to be admitted into schools in the States, and the PLAN Test is a good, free way to test their readiness for the test,” shared Mrs. Sally White, an administrator for the PLAN Test.

Students should be able to receive their results in the upcoming months, and until then, they are able to sign up for real ACT tests to prepare for the day in the spring of their junior year when they all take it.