Editorial: EOC Scores Are In, Growing Concern About Importance of Social Studies Expressed

An uninformed citizenry cannot remain free, so it is a positive sign when today’s youth are showing knowledge and interest in the subject of history.

The EOC scores for the 2013-2014 school year have been released, and Central High School juniors who took the U.S. History exam last year passed with flying colors.

“No student failed,” U.S. History teacher Mr. Shawn Seals said. “They were either advanced or proficient.”

Success on the EOC is interpreted by the growth measure. In past years, where there was little to no growth, this year’s graduating class had a 3.7 leap.

With all of the success, however, Ms. Lauren Thomas, who teaches Government for seniors, still believes they can achieve greater.

“In order for our society to continue and prosper, we’re gong to have to step up our focus!” she said. She went on to add that students could be more fluent in history if more importance was placed on it.

“Kids are only required to have three social studies for graduation, but four math, science, and English credits,” she said. Thomas added that she hopes to further inspire students in history by helping them to understand what is going on in Washington D.C., and teaching them to question governmental authority.

While social studies may not be important to many, the few who believe that studying it is critical are teaching our generation that to look forward, we must know where we come from.