Editorial: Words To Describe Central By Central Students!

STUDENTS DESCRIBE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL -- Students describe Central in one word.

Zeena Whayeb

STUDENTS DESCRIBE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL — Students describe Central in one word.

Zeena Whayeb, Staff Writer

Ever looked for words to describe Central or ever wondered what Central High is like? As students described Central, different opinions came into view.

Some students picked “content” as their word.

“I find Central content because it provides what schools are supposed to provide for students – education,” shared Valeria Mazariegos, a sophomore.

Some saw the spirit part of the student body and picked “spirited.”

“There are football games and pep rallies, and there is always students who do not have a problem showing their love for the school,” stated Hannah Walker, a junior.

Jacob Johns picked “enthusiastic.”

“Students are always enthusiastic about supporting Central’s sport teams,” shared Johns.

In light of recent events, some students have picked “motivated” and “compassionate” as their word, reflecting the students’ efforts.

“A lot of students here are motivated. Especially this year, we are coming together as one unit to fix problems at this school,” commented Savannah Smith, a senior.

“Students are a lot more enthusiastic and compassionate about getting stuff for our school this year like the auditorium and the track,” said Preston Fore, a sophomore.

Some picked words like “variety” and “diverse.”

“You can’t come across the same type of person more than once at this school,” said Brittney Hoang, a sophomore.

“Central High has different types of people and lots of life,” stated Jared Eddy, a senior.

Matthew Davis, a sophomore, picked “Encouraging” as his word.

“The faculty always pushes you to do your best no matter what,”  declared Davis.

Other words included pleasant, different, driven, and hectic.

On the other hand, some chose “unfair” and “mediocre.”

“I picked mediocre because I think Central is a normal school and does not stand out. It is bad at the things it does try to stand out on,” stated John Britt, a junior.

“I picked unfair because some of the teachers are sometimes unfair and prefer some students over others,” said Alyssa Williams, a sophomore.

Students describing Central High School in one positive or negative word gives a description of what Central is like through the eyes of the students.