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Zeena Whayeb

Zeena Whayeb, Staff Writer

Zeena Whayeb is a current sophomore at Central High School and Best Staff Writer of 2017 at the Central Digest. When she is not thinking of a thousand ways her life could go wrong, she is found sitting at a desk. A calm expression that hides internal screaming as she contemplates her future career, an unfound passion, and whether she should eat another 100-calories ice cream sandwich. A keen arachnophobic with a constant craving to learn, she is often mistaken for being an introvert. Her friends know better than anyone, that is not in the least true. With a family's incessant request to become a doctor and an ambiguous future, she only stays in the present. She strives to help other troubled students, and with much more success, at certain Algebra and Chemistry problems. Follow along as she shares the joys and concerns of Central High School with the rest of her much-cherished classmates.

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RUBE GOLDBERG MACHINE -- The students work in groups to build different parts of a Rube Goldberg machine.


November 28, 2016
ANDY GREENE IS SHOWN GETTING TO CLASS -- Managing your time and getting to class on time is very beneficial to you.

Six Habits of Early People

September 14, 2016
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Zeena Whayeb