Central High School Welcomes Rebecca Forkner As a New Gym Teacher


CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL WELCOMES REBECCA FORKNER AS A NEW GYM TEACHER — Coach Forkner getting her students prepared to work on their education in gym class.

Amber Burchfield, Staff Writer

As the new school year begins to start back up, Central High School welcomes many new teachers to the school. Coach Rebecca Forkner, a new gym teacher, is one of them. After Coach LeeAnne Shurette has left, Coach Forkner has now stepped in and taken the role as new P.E. teacher. Coach Forkner is looking forward to her journey here at Central High School.

“I hope I can learn the ways of CHS and can become an effective teacher for all my students,” Forkner stated.

Rebecca Forkner has always enjoyed P.E. class throughout her high school years. She was very active in sports as a kid and claimed she could never sit still. Coach Forkner started as a science teacher before she became a P.E. teacher. She waited her turn to take a P.E. position while she was a science teacher.

Forkner graduated from Shorter University in Rome, Georgia on a basketball and softball scholarship, and she went on to teach for 30 years in Georgia. For the last 16 years, she has taught at Heritage High School in Catoosa County. Coach Forkner wanted to continue to teach, landing her the job here at Central as a new P.E. teacher.

Forkner enjoys staying active and helping her students stay active as well. Many students enjoy her class and learning about physical education.

“Ms. Forkner is [a] really nice teacher. I enjoy playing games in her class like dodgeball and basketball,” shared Senior William Fryar.

Outside of school, Forkner spends her time in the outdoors. She enjoys hiking, swimming, kayaking, and being outside with her family and dog.  Staying active and helping others is very important to her as well. Forkner is enjoying learning the ways of Central High School and connecting with her students.

Forkner shared, “I’m sitting back and watching Coach Bloodsaw and Carter, and trying to learn how they run this show.”

Forkner hopes to make positive impacts in her new student’s lives. Physical education is very important to Forkner, and she hopes to share that same feeling with others.

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