The Central Football Team’s Hard Work Pays Off With a Win Against Sequoyah

THE CENTRAL FOOTBALL TEAMS HARD WORK PAYS OFF GETTING A WIN FOR THE POUNDERS -- Wide Receiver Tyi Mosely runs the ball down the field for a touchdown, which was later called back.

Karleigh Schwarzl

THE CENTRAL FOOTBALL TEAM’S HARD WORK PAYS OFF GETTING A WIN FOR THE POUNDERS — Wide Receiver Tyi Mosely runs the ball down the field for a touchdown, which was later called back.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

Over the past couple of weeks, the Central High football team has executed the defense well, holding the team all the way to fourth down on most defensive plays. The Pounders are a second half team, meaning the team plays their best in the second half. This reigned true for the Pounders that Friday night. Friday, September 4 the Central Pounders began preparing to play the Sequoyah Chiefs at Chattanooga Central High School.

The Pounders went into the game with a strong energy. The captain for the game, Junior Michael Watson, made the choice to receive the kick return. Junior Issaiah Rodgers came out strong, returning the ball to the 50 yard line. Although, the offense did not carry the torch, turning the ball over within the first play. As the series went on, Central intercepted the ball. The intensity of the game grew, and both teams began to make simple errors. The flags were going back and forth. The first quarter ended with the Chiefs in the lead, 0-7.

Starting the 2nd quarter, the team continued to be in a rut. The offense was making big plays, but, on the other hand, the line continued to hold the Pounders back from capitalizing on those big plays. This resulted in many substantial plays for the Pounders being called back. Although the team continued to push forward, the offense was not clicking.

As the penalties continued to roll in for the Pounders, it had began to feel as if the team would take two steps forward and seven steps back. Both teams were playing very well defensively, with the offenses pushing forward with no success. Despite this, the Pounders overcame and scored a touchdown. Freshman Quarterback Evan Schwarzl threw the ball into the end zone where Junior Receiver Tyi Mosely caught the throw. At halftime, the score was 7-7.

“Our defense looks good. We just need to get offense right then we will be a very dominate team,” stated Mosely.

After half time, Central came out of the locker room as a different team. They came in expectant and hungry. Knowing what they had to bring to the table, the offense continuously pushed forward, and their line fixing the mistakes from the first half. The Pounders continued their fight. The defense in the third quarter was unstoppable. Central broke down and began to play with confidence.

In the fourth quarter, Central was firing on all cylinders. The defense and offense were working together to push the ball forward and join as a brotherhood. With a punt, the Chiefs were driven back to the six yard line. The defense kept pushing, and the Pounders eventually gained a safety, which earned them two points. The defense came back into the game and pushed through, knocking the ball out of reach on fourth down. The Chiefs turned the ball over on their own eight yard line, giving the ball back to the Pounders. On the first play Junior Running Back Michael Watson ran the ball for a touchdown. The touchdown was then called back, and the Pounders went back to work. The Pounders kept working towards the end zone. Schwarzl threw a pass to Mosely, scoring a touchdown for the Pounders.

“I was very proud at how the boys overcame adversity. I was especially impressed by the defense and the way they executed the game plan,” stated Coach Curt Jones

The Pounders’ defense continued to fight; in two plays, the ball was turned back over to the Pounders by an interception from Sophomore Kyree Steward. He was brought down just a few yards shy from the goal line. Central ended the game in victory formation, winning 15-7.

The Pounders will play Baylor on Friday, September 12. Come out and support the Purple Pounders.

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