Central Girls’ Basketball Returns for 2020-2021 Season

CENTRAL GIRLS BASKETBALL RETURNS FOR 2020-2021 SEASON --Rayne Glover takes a free throw.

Karleigh Schwarzl

CENTRAL GIRLS’ BASKETBALL RETURNS FOR 2020-2021 SEASON –Rayne Glover takes a free throw.

Amber Burchfield, Staff Writer

With fall sports coming to an end, spring sports are right around the corner. A new season and new coaches are here for the Lady Pounders’ basketball season. The new coaches, Sandrea Sylman and Madison Rogers, are looking forward to watching themselves and the team grow over the course of the season. This season is looking hopeful for the team as they prepare to reach their goals.

With high hopes for this season, the Lady Pounders are ready for their first game, which takes place on November 20. The team is looking forward to growing together and learning more from each practice. The Lady Pounders are currently working on conditioning, skill development, character building, mental focus, and the basic fundamentals. The team is ready to be out on the court for a great season. Coach Sylman is especially excited to watch the team play their first game. Sylman, a Central alumni, played on the basketball team during her high school years.

“I’m ready to learn and also put my knowledge to the test. It is funny that I am now coaching against coaches that once coached me, but while I was a player. This will be a growing season for not just the team but coaches as well,” shared Sylman.

The team has enjoyed connecting with each other and learning different plays. The Lady Pounders are continuing to reach for their goals for this season. The team is working on getting their head into the game, knowing their positions once on the court. With personal goals from each girl, the team as a whole is excited to pursue these over the season.

“My goals for the whole team is for everyone to be mentally in the game and not just physical. Basically to make sure we are all dedicated to do our best,” stated Sophomore Cadence Williams.

The team will be putting everything they learned together on the court in just a few short days. The team and the coaches are grateful to be able to have a basketball season during COVID-19’s spread. Safety precautions will be implemented at each game. Gym capacity will now be adjusted to keep the six-foot distance needed between spectators. Face coverings will be required during the game at all times, and temperatures will be taken before the game. Even with these rules in place, the team is very thankful to be out on the court playing the sport they love.

“I am excited, just hoping COVID-19 does not complicate things. I am glad I can be apart of a basketball program again and still get to be apart of the game,” shared Sylman.

The Lady Pounders are looking forward to a great season. Connecting as a team is very important for the girls this year. They each need to be on the same page to play their best this season.

“In my opinion, we can do good with COVID-19. As long as everybody stays home if they are feeling sick, and do what is needed. Everyone should get their temperature taken before a game or before practice. So I believe as long as we take measures of it and be smart with it, we can do good with the season,” shared Cadence Williams.

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