Central’s 2019-2020 Football Season Wraps up as Seniors ‘Mentor’ the Underclassmen

CENTRAL’S 2019-2020 FOOTBALL SEASON WRAPS UP AS THE CLASS OF 2020 ‘MENTORS' THE UNDERCLASSMEN -- Freshman Donovan Smith jumps to catch the football to run the ball down the field.

Daryl Banther

CENTRAL’S 2019-2020 FOOTBALL SEASON WRAPS UP AS THE CLASS OF 2020 ‘MENTORS' THE UNDERCLASSMEN -- Freshman Donovan Smith jumps to catch the football to run the ball down the field.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

The last few moments for the seniors on the field playing against Hixson High School were so bittersweet. It very well may have been the last time that some of the seniors ever play football. Despite that, some players are looking to further both their football and educational careers. From the lights, to the crowd, to the student section, this chapter of the Class of 2020 is coming to a close.

Coach Curt Jones stated, “The thing I’ll miss about the Class of 2020 is just the way that they mentored this young group of kids, showing them to go to work and hustle.”

This season, these athletes had impressive stats. Senior Hunter Jones led with 1,350 yards in total, on top of that, he earned ten touchdowns. Not only did he play offense, but he also he played defense. Kelvin Mcghee was the quarterback in this past season. He, in total, earned 1,614 yards averaging 9.8 yards per attempt.

Donovan Smith was a freshman in this past season. Even though he was only a freshman, he started on the varsity team, benefiting the Pounders greatly with his assistance. He earned 1,310 in total yardage, scoring eight touchdowns.

From a record standpoint, this year may not have been the best year. On the other hand, this is just the start. The football program is in a state of rebuilding and growth. Also, the bond of brotherhood among the team was like none other.

Kelvin Mcghee advised the underclassmen, “Stay focused while also remaining humble. Be a leader not only on the field but off the field. When you lead off the field, people will begin to respect you, and, in return, they begin to support you. But, don’t forget to have fun while you’re playing because time stops for nobody.”

Over the course of the season, the Pounders continued to get better. When it came to the last game, they left everything that they had on the field. The offense improved most upon simply playing as a team. While the defense improved all the way around, it may not have appeared as if they had. That is the position where most of the freshmen and sophomores lie.

This past season, there were many underclassmen who had not only played on varsity, but started on varsity. In this next season, the team is really taking the time to put their focus on the weight room, making a point to outline core strength as a focal point going into the next season. The coaches had noticed that core strength was something that the team as a whole was lacking.

At the end of the last game, Coach Jones got all of the seniors together. They began to link arms and walk the length of the field, symbolizing that these seniors will always have each other. Being on a team together with this type of brotherhood means so much to these seniors.

Daryl Banther
Seniors Hunter Jones, number four, and Kelvin Mcghee, number eight, are leading the team with their “work and hustle.”

“The seniors in this past season taught me that every team needs a leader to give the rest of the players on the field the energy to keep going,” stated Freshman Donovan Smith.

Sadness overwhelmed Coach Jones as he walked the field alongside the seniors, as he knew that this would be the last time that he would coach these players.

Coach Jones’ last words to the Class of 2020 were as stated, “Just follow the path that we’ve set you on and remember the lessons that you have been taught. So, when adversity comes your way, you can revert to what you were taught.”

Hunter Jones stated, “I’ll miss everything from the student section, the community support, Sammie Jones (the athletic trainer), just the feeling of representing my school in front of my family and friends, and, most of all, playing alongside my brothers.”

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