Senior Success Day: A Great Triumph

SENIOR SUCCESS DAY -- Seniors listen to college adviser and learn about the importance of their future
Ms. Katy Burnette
SENIOR SUCCESS DAY — Seniors listen to college adviser and learn about the importance of their future

On Thursday, September 18, the senior class was given the opportunity to participate in a yearly event known as Senior Success Day. At Senior Success Day, students get to hear from an array of colleges and receive packets full of useful information concerning all things graduation. This year’s event was organized by Ms. Katy Burnette and Mrs. Lindsey Ruggles, two of Central’s new guidance counselors.

“Senior Success Day was in fact a success, especially considering it was put together by two people who had never heard of the event before. Almost all of the colleges expressed how well-behaved our students were,” stated Burnette.

Nearly eighty percent of the senior class went to the event, which was held at Bayside Baptist Church. Many important individuals spoke to the students that day. There were people from the State Board of Education, and even our principal, Mr. Finley King, gave some words of advice. It was an all-day affair, and the students seem to have obtained a great deal of knowledge from it.

“I gained more information about my future, and it was a more realistic point-of-view. It put things into black and white. I understand a lot more than I did before Senior Success Day,” explained senior Endiya Rice.

The seniors were allowed to choose three colleges to learn about. The colleges had their own set-ups where students could go to listen and ask questions.

“The event was really helpful. I got to learn things in-depth rather than getting a date to go and sign up for a certain college. For future seniors, if you go, don’t just stay with your friends the whole time. You should find schools that you’re really interested in. It’s worth your time,” expressed Brandon Lewis, another grateful senior.

With graduation getting closer and closer, this occasion was greatly needed by many of our seniors, and it would not have happened without the help from our school guidance counselors, Mrs. Ruggles and Ms. Burnette.