“There’s No Place Like Homecoming”

THE QUEEN AND THE KING -- Madison Rogers and Scout Morgan were crowned Homecoming Queen and King at the homecoming football game.

Alex Howard

THE QUEEN AND THE KING — Madison Rogers and Scout Morgan were crowned Homecoming Queen and King at the homecoming football game.

Homecoming week is all about school spirit. Students at Central High School definitely showed their purple pride by participating in the traditions of homecoming.

A few of the festivities included the following dress-down/ dress-up days: Camo/America/Character day, Sports day, Tacky/Ooltewah day, Generation day, and finally Central Spirit day.

Another well-known tradition is the decorating of the halls. Each grade gets the opportunity to collect money and decorate an assigned hallway, which each year, is a competition between the students. This year, first place was awarded to the Juniors, followed by the Freshman, the Seniors, and finally, the Sophomores. Caitlin Maupin, the Vice President of the Junior class and the head of the Junior pod (hall). “I am excited that our class won the hallway competition, especially that it’s been our class winning two years in a row!” Maupin exclaimed.

Maupin said it took the entire 4 hours given by the administration along with several hours of preparation. The theme for the winning hallway was “There’s No Place Like Homecoming”.

“We came up with the theme by thinking of popular movies that everyone would know, and we came up with the Wizard of Oz. And then it clicked, there’s no place like homecoming!” Maupin stated.

In addition to silly outfits and hall decorations, a big tradition at Central High School is the Seniors versus Juniors powder puff flag football game. The Seniors destroyed the Juniors in this year’s vicious game. Several players were injured including Madison Rodgers, a Senior on the Homecoming Court (later to be crowned queen).

Later that night, the Homecoming King and Queen were crowned at the Homecoming game against Howard. Madison Rodgers was crowned queen and Scout Morgan was crowned King. “It’s a great feeling that Central would choose me to be on the court and even better (vote for me to be) the king!” Morgan exclaimed. ” I was surprised because there were a lot of great guys on the Homecoming court, and they all deserved it. That’s why I felt so lucky to be voted king. It means a lot for me to be king- it meant a lot for my family as well.”

Despite being injured during the powder puff game, Rogers was incredibly thankful to be crowned Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming week ended with a great game played by the Central High School football team. The boys claimed victory, beating Howard 49-0. All-in-all, it is clear to see Central Pride was shown this past week, and the staff hopes it continues for the rest of the year!