JROTC Military Ball is a Huge Success

MILITARY BALL 2015 -- Military Ball King Devin Burney and Queen Jasmine Smith.

MILITARY BALL 2015 -- Military Ball King Devin Burney and Queen Jasmine Smith.

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The 96th Annual JROTC Military Ball was yet another great time for the cadets and guests who were in attendance. The event was held on Friday, January 30, at The Mill in downtown Chattanooga, which was also the location of last year’s prom. The winner of this year’s military ball king was Cadet Captain Devin Burney and the military ball queen was Cadet Captain Jasmine Smith.

“It really was the best military ball I’ve had [in] my four years here at Central. It was just amazing and unbelievable that I won,” said Burney.

Devin is Company Commander of Charlie Company and is also on the drill team.

“It was just so exiting and I had a great time!” shared Smith.

Jasmine is on staff for JROTC and is also on the drill team.

“This year’s ball was so much better than last year’s,” said Mary McCoin, a cadet who attended the ball. “The venue was just so much bigger and very nice. It was also a plus that the food was provided and we didn’t even have to clean up.”

“Everyone seemed like they had a good time, and everyone does every year. Of course, there are always things we can improve on. That’s why we will have a day where we will ask the cadets what went well, what did not go well, and what we can improve on,” said Sergeant Major David Lewis, the JROTC instructor for Central’s freshmen and sophomores.

Overall, the military ball was very successful and the 2016 military ball is sure to be a huge success as well.

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