The Wilson Twins of Central High

TWINS BONDING -- Ashby Wilson, left, and Andrew Wilson, right.

TWINS BONDING — Ashby Wilson, left, and Andrew Wilson, right.

Central football players Ashby and Andrew Wilson are unique in their own way – just like everyone else – except for one thing. They share the same birthday, August 28, 1998, because they are fraternal twins!

Although the boys are twins, they have very different personalities. For instance, Ashby likes vanilla and Andrew is more of a chocolate guy. Ashby wears glasses and writes with his left hand while Andrew does not wear glasses and is right-handed.

“They are typical teenage brothers,” football coach Gary Bloodsaw laughingly shared.

The twins have to share a truck, which makes differences in plans a struggle. Fortunately, they mostly see the benefits of the circumstance.

“The positive of sharing a truck with my brother is we get to save quite a bit of money on gas!” Ashby, the oldest Wilson brother, commented.

Being fraternal twins means the brothers do not look very much alike. Sometimes this also means that they have clashes in personalities and interests.

“Football and maybe fishing are probably the only things we like to do together,” shared Andrew.

Football is a huge piece of the brothers’ lives, especially being part of Central’s team.

“My brother and I both play on the offensive line on the school’s football team – I play left guard and Ashby plays right guard,” Andrew said.

Andrew shared his favorite memory with his brother at a recreational football game when the twins were 12 years old.

“We won 30-34 and was 11-0 all season!”Andrew said.

“There wasn’t anything better than just playing Xbox with him or building a clubhouse!” Ashby recalled.

Even though these twins have completely different personalities and do not share much in common, at the end of the day, they will always love each other.

“Even though there are times when I cannot stand my brother, I know in the end there is not anything I would not do for him,” Andrew concluded.