Senior Class of 2020 Enjoys Their Annual Picnic


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2020 SENIORS ENJOY THEIR ANNUAL PICNIC — The 2020 seniors pose for a group picture while at the picnic.

Danae Wnuk, Staff Writer

Seniors have a stressful year ahead of them, and they are working hard to graduate. They are focused on applying to colleges, updating their resumes, and passing their classes to secure enough credits by the end of the year. Everyone has their eyes set on graduation day and walking across that stage. On October 25, the seniors took time to relax and destress at an annual Senior picnic at Harrison Bay State Park.

At the picnic, students were served Chic-fil-A sandwiches and offered hot chocolate and coffee. Some students went outside to play sports like soccer and basketball while others stayed inside and played board games or cards.

“Yeah sure, I thought that the senior picnic was indeed fun with what we could make of it. I know they couldn’t really reschedule despite the weather, but I think it was fun,” said one senior, Brooklyn Atkins, “I played games. I hung out with friends. I feel like everyone was able to make the most of it.”

Students were disappointed by the cold and rainy weather, but for many, they were still able to entertain themselves and have a good time.

“It was raining, cold, and muddy. Not the ideal weather to be outside,” admitted Mayra Salgado, “Other than that, it was fun. The food was good and the company kept me entertained. [I] just wished the weather conditions were different.”

All the seniors had fun and joined in activities that kept them warm in the cold weather. Some students decided to play various forms of tag and others just spent time talking with their friends.

“I did a lot of walking around,” added Grant Scutt, “I mean I enjoy just being outside, so having the chance to walk around the park and just interact with different groups of people was really fun for me.”