Seven Central Students are Accepted into Lee Honor Band

SEVEN CENTRAL STUDENTS ARE ACCEPTED INTO LEE HONOR BAND -- Central band students are directed by distinguished composer, David Holsinger.

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SEVEN CENTRAL STUDENTS ARE ACCEPTED INTO LEE HONOR BAND — Central band students are directed by distinguished composer, David Holsinger.

Abby Young, Staff Writer

Every year, Central students from the acclaimed Central Sound of Chattanooga concert band have an opportunity to play in honor bands outside of their school. The Lee Honor band is the first band that students can participate in. This particular honor band occurred from the 21 to the 23 of November. Seven students from Central participated in the program.

Alex White, Grant Scutt, Jessyca Foster, Sydney Stone, Kenny McCrobey, Triston Teague, and Breckin Griffith all participated in the honor band.

The students who wish to participate fill out an application and receive a recommendation from their band director. The application is then reviewed by a committee at Lee University.

“I was honestly really surprised that I was chosen to be a part of the band. It was really an honor considering that Dr. Holsinger is one of my favorite composers,” Sophomore Jessyca Foster said.

On the first day of the honor band, part of the day is spent auditioning for chair auditions. Once the participants receive their placements based on their prepared pieces they play for judges, rehearsal for their concert begins the same night. The band practices until their concert two days later.

Students prepare for the band tirelessly and receive input from Central’s band director, Joseph Archer. He helps them with sight reading and their prepared pieces.

“Preparation for honor bands is mainly just sight reading music. Once in the band, you never know what kind of music the director is going to throw at you. Therefore, in order to have the best experience, you practice reading. Mainly that’s all we do working on things for auditions,” Junior Kenny McCrobey stated.

Archer’s alma mater is Lee University, so this competition holds a close place in his heart. He even participated in this honor band when he was a high school student in 2008 and 2009. He understands what the musicians need and tries to help them practice one on one.

“It means a lot to me because Lee is my alma mater. I got my bachelor’s degree there, so it is a great way to let my students know where I came from. I really like it because Dr. David Holsinger is the clinician for it, so the students have a chance to work with a nationally known conductor and composer. Before his stroke, he would tour the country to do honor bands. Having that experience and working with someone who is in demand is a really good opportunity,” Archer explained.

The seven students are very proud of their hard work and dedication. Although this is Archer ‘s first year as Central’s band director, he is immensely proud of his students.

“I am proud of my students, because it is a great way for them to grow and experience a new conductor. Three of the seven students who were chosen were in the top of their section. I think that is phenomenal. Being able to turn around after going to Lee and sending my own students there comes with a nice feeling of pride,” Archer concluded.