How the Time Change Affects Central High

'FALL' BACK IN THE MORNING -- Central students get to school safely in the daylight of the new season.

Haley Scarbrough

‘FALL’ BACK IN THE MORNING — Central students get to school safely in the daylight of the new season.

Daylight Saving Time, also known as DST, is a time adjustment used to gain more daylight in the evening in the spring and summer by setting clocks an hour ahead from standard time. This clock synchronization is in place eight of the twelve months in the United States. DST starts in the spring and ends in the fall, when we go back to standard time for the winter months.

Although DST has only been used for about 100 years, the idea was conceived many years before. Benjamin Franklin suggested the idea back in 1784 as a way to economize on sunlight and burn fewer candles during winter mornings and nights. The practice did not become official in the United States until Congress passed the Uniform Time Act in 1966, with the same intention of saving energy.

Some studies show that DST could lead to fewer road accidents and injuries by supplying more daylight during the hours more people use the roads. Other studies claim that people’s health might suffer due to DST changes

“Even though the time change is only an hour, it can really cause people to not feel their best and give them a feeling of jet lag. It can cause a sort of circadian misalignment that can take two to three weeks to fully adjust to,” stated Dr. John Sharp, a psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist.

Central High teachers Mrs. Brielle Farrow and Mr. Gary Fomby both agree that the switch back to standard time  has not had an effect on the students’ energy levels in the class room.

“I like Daylight Saving Time because I like coming to school and it [being] light outside,” Mrs. Farrow said.

“I believe that longer afternoons are better because it gives people more time to do things after school,” explained Mr. Fomby on the spring time change.

DST has many pros and cons. After 100 years of Daylight Saving Time, it continues to achieve its purpose by saving energy and having longer evening daylight. The extra hour of sleep that comes with the switch back to standard time in the fall is definitely appreciated by the staff and students of Central High School.