2015 College Fair Deemed a Success

MOVING FORWARD -- Central High School seeks to prepare students for college.

MOVING FORWARD — Central High School seeks to prepare students for college.

On Wednesday, April 8, three groups of Central High School students browsed the large collection of colleges that came to visit. The College Fair hosted 28 different booths for students to gain more information from. Of these 28 booths, 25 were college booths, two were National Guard and Navy booths, and one was a general college information booth. Out of the 25 college booths, six belonged to Chattanooga State Community College for their different programs.

Last year, the College Fair was only open to juniors and seniors, but this year, the fair was open to freshmen and sophomores along with juniors and seniors.

“It’s good to start thinking [about college] now, not last minute your senior year. It’s better to have an idea of where you’re going before your senior year, which is why the College Fair was open to freshmen and sophomores,” stated college adviser Katy Burnette.

Ms. Burnette was in charge of the College Fair and spent that Wednesday in the gym getting the booths set up, along with some help from the Ruriteen Club.

Several students who thought they had their college dreams set in stone changed their minds about what college they wanted to attend.

“[The College Fair] made me realize that I wanted to attend the University of Alabama,” said sophomore Hannah Holmberg.

Tenessee Tech University, located in Cookeville, TN, was also popular among students interested in the pathway of engineering.

“I was happy to see to see that a lot of people went to the Tennessee Tech booth because not a lot of people go there, but it’s an awesome school!” raved Miss Burnette.

Overall, the 2015 College Fair was a huge success, and the Central Digest thanks everyone who helped in it for making students more aware about their options for the future.