Central Alumni Association Raises Money with Brick Sale

ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS BRICK SALE CONTINUES -- The first bricks that have been ordered sit in the Central High School library.

Sarah Katheron Latham

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION’S BRICK SALE CONTINUES — The first bricks that have been ordered sit in the Central High School library.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Staff Writer

Sarah Katheron Latham
CENTRAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION RAISES MONEY WITH BRICK SALE — The anvil in front of Central will be the first area to be filled with the ordered bricks.

The second semester has begun, and seniors are looking for scholarships to aid their transition into their college years. The Central High School Alumni and Supporters Association sponsors 13 to 14 merit based scholarships to seniors.  Academic achievement, community service, and teacher recommendations are considered when determining who will receive the scholarships.  In order to raise money for the scholarships, the Alumni Association relies on donations, their annual golf tournament fundraiser, and the current brick sale.

Currently, the Alumni Association has initiated a “Buy a Brick Program” that began in November 2019 and will continue as an ongoing fundraiser.  There are two sizes of bricks: 4″ x 8″ and 8″ x 8″.  When one 4″ x 8″ brick is purchased, the cost is $65, and, when two 4″ x 8″ bricks are purchased, the cost is $100. One 8″ x 8″ brick costs $100.

To order bricks, an order form must be filled out that is available in Central’s front office and then returned.  Then, the orders will be picked up and filled.

“My goal is to be here [on] Tuesdays and Thursdays and be available as much as I can,” expressed Buffy Hoge, the current President of the Alumni Association.

Currently, ten bricks have been ordered.  Once there are enough bricks, the Alumni Association plans to lay the bricks around the anvil in the front of the building.  If the area is filled, bricks will be added to the flagpole area as well.

Tara Waldrop, an Alumni Association member, explained the legacy that buying a brick will bring.

“It would be a great thing to do while people leave Central… to be able to come back and show their children and grandchildren and say ‘this is my brick,'” said Waldrop.

Seniors interested in applying for one of the Alumni Association’s scholarships must see Mrs. Stacy Alexander in the guidance office for an application. There are about 13 to 14 $1,000 scholarships awarded to the selected seniors during Class Day, May 7.