What Students Need to do to Receive Learner’s Permit or Driver’s License


Ashley Coleman

WHAT STUDENTS NEED TO DO TO RECEIVE LEARNER’S PERMIT OR DRIVER’S LICENSE — Students continue to worry about renewing and receiving their license as the coronavirus has prompted numerous business closures.

Since this coronavirus pandemic is spreading rapidly, many students worry about what they will do about renewing their driver’s license and learner’s permits.

Although the school building is closed, students can still email administration for the school documents needed by the DMV. Administrators’ contact information can be found on Central’s directory.

According to WATE 6, all commercial driver’s license that expire from March 12 to May 19 will have their expiration dates extended for six months. License-holders will be mailed a letter about the extension period for their personal records. If one gets pulled over during this time, all one needs to do is show the letter to the police.

To get a new picture, one would normally visit the DMV every twelve years, but that has also been put on hold until further notice.

The deadline to obtain Real IDs by October 1 may also be affected. New residents in need of licenses will have to wait until June 17.

Driver Services Centers will still be able to process new and returning residents’ photo identification.

However, if students still want to renew their license now, they can renew them online, and it is pretty easy to do. A lot of things are being moved online such as visual tests. They can still get their license, but documentation must be uploaded online. Drivers can always set up appointments, but they take more time.

“[The DMV is] limiting the number of residents inside a given facility to 10 people at a time,” wrote Tennessean.com.

Chattanooga Police also want to start e-ticketing people instead giving out traditional paper tickets to reduce interaction.

For more updates on what students are doing during this rough time, continue to check out the Central Digest weekly.