Nathan Dawson Receives Grant to Fund Computer Building


NATHAN DAWSON GETS GRANT TO BUILD COMPUTERS — Nathan Dawson works on one of the computers bought with grant

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

Nathan Dawson is the Physics and Physical World Concepts teacher here at Central. Dawson is very adamant about teaching students not only about science but technology as well. Recently, he was awarded $2,500 in grant money to start a Computer Ed course.

“The grant was forwarded to me by Central Office…I had some red tape with accounting and Central Office and here, but Mrs. Rast was super helpful,” explained Dawson.

In the class, students will learn how to track the flow of electricity and build their very own computers.

“I wanted to give the students a good ‘Real-world situation’ where they could apply their education and make it useful. I think this will help students not just stay engaged with their work but to realize that a lot of what they learn in their science classes is very applicable to the real world. I hope the staff will see some of their students in engaging moods/behaviors on the days we do this” discussed Dawson.

With all of the changes going around due to COVID, it is important that students have structure and that they can learn something that they truly enjoy. Nathan Dawson is one of those teachers who hates teaching just from the book and who loves to tie in science fiction and historical backgrounds into his teaching in order to keep things interesting.

One of Dawson’s current students, Reagan Cannon, seems to have seen the class in a new light this year.

“I mean I was just put in here as an extra-curricular; I did not really have a choice, but the teacher is not very stressful and he helps out a lot. I finished the whole computer in like two days. Mr.Dawson made the whole process super easy…For me, he made me want to prove I can do it. In the end, it was so cool,” explained Cannnon.

Central has always been a school that wants to relate school life to the real world. This specific teacher is doing just that. He went out of his way to help students find desire in their learning. Nathan Dawson is an example of all Central is and strives to be. Central is thankful for all teachers who continue to encourage equip students to the future.