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  • All in-person students will be attending school every day for the week of March 1.
  • Students can nominate their favorite teacher for "Teacher of the Month."
  • Wear a mask and social distance!
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2020-2021 Baseball

Mon, Mar 15 7:00 P.M.HixsonHixson High School
HixsonHixson High School
Tue, Mar 16 7:00 P.M.HixsonChattanooga Central
HixsonChattanooga Central
Mon, Mar 22 5:00 + 6:30 P.M.BrainerdChattanooga Central
BrainerdChattanooga Central
Thu, Mar 25 6:00 P.M.GraceChatt. State Communi
GraceChatt. State Communi
Fri, Mar 26 5:15York InstituteChattanooga Central
York InstituteChattanooga Central
Mon, Mar 29 7:00 P.M.TynerChattanooga Central
TynerChattanooga Central
Tue, Mar 30 6:00 P.M.TynerTyner Academy
TynerTyner Academy
Mon, Apr 12 7:00 P.M.HowardChattanooga Central
HowardChattanooga Central
Tue, Apr 13 5:30 P.M. HowardThe Howard School
HowardThe Howard School
Fri, Apr 16 6:30 P.M.CSASChattanooga Central
CSASChattanooga Central
Mon, Apr 19 7:00 P.M.Red BankRed Bank High School
Red BankRed Bank High School
Tue, Apr 20 7:00 P.M.Red BankChattanooga Central
Red BankChattanooga Central
Thu, Apr 22 4:30 P.M.Notre DameNotre Dame High Scho
Notre DameNotre Dame High Scho
Mon, Apr 26 7:00 P.M.Signal MountainChattanooga Central
Signal MountainChattanooga Central
Tue, Apr 27 7:00 P.M.Signal MountainSignal Mountain Midd
Signal MountainSignal Mountain Midd
Thu, Apr 29 6:30 P.M.Notre DameChattanooga Central
Notre DameChattanooga Central
Fri, Apr 30 7:00 P.M.Soddy DaisyChattanooga Central
Soddy DaisyChattanooga Central
Mon, May 03 6:00 P.M.East RidgeChattanooga Central
East RidgeChattanooga Central
Tue, May 04 6:00 P.M.East Ridge East Ridge Middle/Hi
East Ridge East Ridge Middle/Hi
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