Golf Concludes A Great Season

After a long, time-consuming golf season, the team finished better than previous years.

Luke Robinson, the golf coach and a geometry teacher at Central, mentioned that he was proud of his team this season.

“They worked hard, and I think most everyone improved as the season went on.”

“The season went well, but I wish there was more involvement in the golf program,” remarked Robinson about the recently finished golf season.

On Friday, September 12, the team came together for their last matches of the season in a tournament. Doing well in the tournament were Ashton Cook and Joseph Clark, who both placed highly.

“Ashton Cook did amazing, along with Joseph Clark for the boys,” Robinson commented on who performed the best as a golfer during the tournament.

Ashton Cook, the team’s shining golfer, worked her way up to the regional tournament. It was to Ashton’s surprise that while in the playoffs, she would be going against her best friend from a rival school.

“It was a surprise for sure,” she commented.

“It was pretty hard to make it that far and lose,” Ashton stated, “and although people keep telling me I should be proud, I’m disappointed.”

Ashton finished overall in the tournament and had a great rest of the season as well, and although she wasn’t as pleased as she could have been, her coach was very proud.

“She did a great job and was a great addition to the team,” Robinson shared.

Not only did Cook place well, but Joseph Clark placed in the district tournament and did very well in regionals. Clark did not place, but he played a good game and shot a 92. His luck improved in the district tournament where he took third place and the shot an 85.

“It went well. It was a great season in general,” Clark revealed.

“Robinson is a great coach and did a great job. These last couple years, he’s taught me so much,” the junior also shared.

All the golfers are beyond buoyant for next golf season and ready to try their best.