Central Takes Shutout Loss Against Anderson County

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES TO ANDERSON COUNTY IN WEEK EIGHT OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -- The Pounders set up on the line of scrimmage to defend the end-zone.

Karleigh Schwarzl

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES TO ANDERSON COUNTY IN WEEK EIGHT OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS — The Pounders set up on the line of scrimmage to defend the end-zone.

Karleigh Schwarzl, Sports Editor

On Friday, October 16, the Central Pounders played against the Anderson County Mavericks on their home field. This was a big night for the Pounders, being one of the toughest games of the season. Anderson County went into the game undefeated in the district. With only winning one game this season and coming off of a loss, the team became discouraged. Coming into the game, the Pounders lacked the confidence that had been given in previous games. However, the Pounders would continue to push forward.

As the game began, Junior Demetrio Dominguez, the team captain for the night, walked towards the center of the field. The Pounders would receive the ball. They would attempt to push downfield but could not capitalize. The Pounders were forced to punt the ball to the Mavericks. Anderson County was then on offense, working from the Pounders’ 48 yard line. Central attempted to hold them, but the Mavericks’ running back would sneak through to the end zone. This made the score 0-7, with Anderson County earning a early lead. The Pounders were then back on offense, but they could not push through, causing another punt. Anderson County continued to drive downfield, scoring another touchdown. The score was now 0-14. The Pounders continued to fight on offense, gaining significant yardage from a pass from Freshman Evan Schwarzl to Sophomore AJ Copeland, but it was just shy of a first down. The Pounders punted again. On the first play of the drive, the Mavericks connected a long pass to get them to the 22 yard line. Anderson County was still in possession as the first quarter came to a close.

“Anderson County has been an elite program for many season, games like this against a program like Anderson County will expose you and your young kids in a hurry. I was proud of the overall effort displayed from our boys,” stated Head Coach Curt Jones.

Starting off the second quarter, the Mavericks were inside the 35 yard line on third down. Anderson County attempted a pass into the end zone, but it was intercepted by Sophomore Kyree Steward. The interception was ruled a touchback, and the Pounders would be on offense, starting at the 20 yard line. Central’s offense could not carry the torch, resulting in a turnover. The Pounders could not stop the Anderson County running back, resulting in another touchdown for the Mavericks. This would make the score 0-21. The Pounders would attempt to push the ball downfield on their next drive, but they did not succeed and allowed the Mavericks to score off of an interception. This would make the score 0-27, as the Pounders stopped the extra point attempt. The Pounders were then back on offense. Central could not push forward yet again, resulting in a punt. The Pounders continued to be no match for the Mavericks. Anderson County scored again, making the score 0-33. Anderson County attempted an extra point, but the Central defense stopped it. The Pounders’ offense continued to fight going forward but could not gain yardage. Within two plays, the Mavericks would score again. This made the score 0-40, with Anderson County quickly extending their lead. The Pounders could not gain momentum moving forward, resulting in a turnover. The Pounders’ defense continued to press hard, forcing the Mavericks for a punt. Central ended the half with possession, but they could not produce a score. The half ended with the score still at 0-40.

The Mavericks would receive the ball going into the second half. Anderson County had a hard drive downfield, but thy scored in the end. This would made the score 0-47. The Pounders started to gain momentum, but they were also growing tired. The Pounders gained a first down, but would push no further on their drive. The Mavericks gained possession again. Anderson County ended the quarter with a long pass downfield.

CENTRAL FOOTBALL LOSES TO ANDERSON COUNTY IN WEEK EIGHT — Junior Noah Collins running down the field with the ball after a kick return. (Karleigh Schwarzl)

Anderson County continued to drive down the field, carrying the torch from the third quarter. Another score from the Mavericks made the score 0-53. The Pounders pushed hard on their next drive downfield. Junior Michael Watson made a big run downfield; unfortunately, it was called back. Junior Noah Collins turned around and made another long run downfield, continuing the momentum from Watson. After those two plays, the Pounders could not pull through, resulting in another punt. Neither team would score for the rest of the game. Anderson County defeated the Central Pounders, 0-53.

Offensive lineman Demetrio Dominguez stated, “We can improve by having leaders within the team that will start to stand up and take responsibility going forward.”

In week nine of Central football, the Pounders will face the Hixson Wildcats. This is an away game on Friday, October 23, at 7:30. Those hoping to attend must buy tickets online; no tickets will be sold at the gate. Tickets for the game can be found on gofan.com. Come out and support your Purple Pounders.

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