The Central Pounders Rise To the Top Against the Marion County Warriors

On September 12, the Central High School varsity football team faced the Marion County Warriors for a 7-0 victory, setting our record to 3-1. With the loss in the previous game against East Ridge High School, the mighty Pounders had to regain their title by winning this game. The fourth game of the 2014 season was also important because it was being filmed by News Channel 9 as the Game of the Week, and a huge population of the school came to support and cheer on the team. Both factors put a lot of pressure on Central’s guys, but that did not stop them from playing their hardest and defeating the Warriors. By the end of the first quarter, junior Sharone Tatum scored the winning touchdown for the Pounders.

“I felt great; I was surprised because I didn’t know I could do that, ” Sharone shared.

During this play, the quarterback for the Warriors was trying to complete a trick against the Pounders but was trampled by our strong defense; he fumbled the ball, which was received by Tatum. Once the ball was in his possession, he ran 42 yards to score the to winning touchdown for the Pounders. Throughout the rest of the game, the Pounders held their pride and stopped the Warriors’ offense, which allowed Central to win the game 7-0.

“At the end of the day, I was happy,” Tatum commented.

The next home game for the Central Pounders will be on September 19 at 7:20, and they will be facing the Red Bank Lions.

“If the defense keeps doing as they are doing and the offense [does] the same, we are in good shape. I just wanna win,” stated quarterback Scout Morgan.

This game will also be filmed by News Channel 9 and the Central Digest, and Central expects another large crowd to be at the game cheering on the team.