Wrestlers Prepare for the 2014-2015 Season


THE BURLY POUNDERS–Central High School’s wrestling team begins the season with hopes of doing better than last year.

Here it is again! The Central Pounders’ wrestling team prepares for the 2014-2015 season with hopes of self-improvement, burliness, and victory.

Ryan Mallory, Central’s football and wrestling coach, holds high hopes for his wrestlers this year. After coming in fifth place last year at state finals, Central’s team plans to give it their all to work their way up.

“Last year we were dual-league champions and I thought we were going to be terrible,” Mallory explains about how quickly things can turn around.

“Last season was really just a numbers game for us. There are 14 weight classes, but we were only able to fill ten,” Coach Mallory stated,”and we struggled with finding people who, you know, truly want to wrestle. We needed more who had that competitive drive to do well.”

The wrestling team began their pre-season warm-ups individually, showing their drive and anxiousness to compete. Many of the boys have remained in shape with running, recreational leagues, and relentless hours spent in the weight room, which Mallory is incredibly proud of.

The Pounders also will build to the team in the 2014-2015 season with many freshmen, eager for a taste of a high school victory.

“We do have a lot of expected freshmen and that’s good. We just need the ones who are going to start and then stick around,” expressed Coach.

In previous years, many of the boys have began wrestling and then decided to no longer pursue it. However, this season, approximately seven to fifteen upperclassmen plan on making a return. Mallory obtains high hopes and is eager to see who will show for what he expects to be a very laborious season.

“If we could just put a band-aid on some of those holes, secure what we’ve got, and give some of the younger kids time to develop, we’ll be fine,” commented Mallory with his expectations.

Isacc Coffman, known to be an outstanding¬†wrestler, noted that he’s quite enlivened for the upcoming season. Mallory also sits in suspense to see how Isacc will perform.

“It’s one of my favorite things to do,” Coffman shared, ” and I plan to go all the way this year.”

Central’s wrestling coach also expressed an interest in seeing how well Bryson Lemons does in his matches. Lemons has been a member of the team since his freshman year and Mallory wishes to see him go out strong this year as a senior.

Central high School wishes their wrestlers the best of luck as they dive into a new season filled with new opportunities. The team starts official practices the first Monday of November (November 3) and just a few weeks later, will head into their first match.

“We’ll do well. I was worried last year and the boys proved me wrong. I think they’ll do it again,” Mallory concluded.