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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest


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Bullying Needs To Stop

What it is and how to put an end to it
Miracle Strickland
Kirstan Morgan and Audriuana Jenkins demonstrate what bullying might sometimes look like.

At Central High School, just as at most other schools, bullying others is not permitted. The Principal Mr. Iannarone, faculty, and staff, try their best to prevent bullying from occurring on the property of the school and also outside of school. Bullying is any form of aggressive behavior in which someone intentionally and repeatedly causes another person injury or discomfort. Bullying can take the form of physical contact, words, or more subtle actions.

English teacher Mr.Fletcher says, “Bullying can be physical or emotional and is intended to tear down and destroy another person. The bully typically is someone who is vulnerable but is drawing attention away from themselves and breaking down someone who is just as vulnerable. I was bullied in middle school so bad that I left middle school and was homeschooled until I was a junior in high school. Kids called me names even though I was nice to everyone and didn’t bother anyone else.Yes, I have seen kids bullied in high school when I was there, while I was in college, and while I was a teacher. Mostly, the bullying that I’ve seen is related to ignorance of another person’s gender, sexual orientation, or learning difference. Yes, when I taught ninth grade, a small girl was in my most obnoxious class and was bullied by some of the other girls in there. I stopped it when I saw the bullying take place, had meetings with the student’s parents, and tried to make the student comfortable in class. I don’t tolerate it at all. Kidding around is one thing, but I can generally tell if a student feels uncomfortable, and I swoop in and end whatever is happening. I remind the bully, whether it was intentional or not, to be kind and to exercise silence.”

Senior Kirstan Morgan said, “Back in middle school, some people used to try to make fun of me about my height. I was always the shortest among my classmates. But I didn’t just let them run over me. I would speak up for myself or just ignore them. When I used to see others getting bullied I would tell them to leave that person alone or try to talk to the person getting bullied. I would tell them to not let them talk to them in any kind of way and to speak up for themselves. Some advice I would give to someone who is getting bullied is to know your worth because when you know your value and tell yourself good things about yourself; when someone says something bad about you. You know it’s not true and you tell them otherwise.”

Ciyanah Worthy gives a pretty clear definition. “Bullying is pestering or intimidating someone by using hurtful words or actions. Some common forms of bullying are using hurtful words, cruel actions, name calling, spreading false rumors on purpose. I stand up for whoever I see getting bullied and I don’t participate in it. Bullying starts with someone being different or believing differently from you. Some ways I have been bullied were name calling and body shaming.”

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About the Contributor
Miracle Strickland, Sports Editor
Miracle Strickland, 12, has been a part of the Digest since 10th grade. She enjoys cheer, which is why she is a cheerleader here at Central. She also enjoys making crafts and runs a small business called "Miracle’s Unique Kreations.” She plans on attending college after high school for a major in business

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