Central Students Keep the Campus Clean by Recycling

CENTRAL STUDENTS KEEP THE CAMPUS CLEAN BY RECYCLING -- Mrs. VanderWilt's class taking recyclable items to go recycle them.

Mrs. VanderWilt

CENTRAL STUDENTS KEEP THE CAMPUS CLEAN BY RECYCLING -- Mrs. VanderWilt's class taking recyclable items to go recycle them.

Kiersten Helmholtz, Staff Writer

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Recycling is seen as an important thing to participate in, especially in schools. Students tend to waste a lot of paper and other recyclables, so implementing bins and collecting them can benefit the school in many ways. This is why everyone, especially students, should know what to recycle. Central teacher, Leesha VanderWilt and her students, are contributing to help with recycling across the campus in efforts to keep it clean.

“I decided to help with recycling since I wanted my students to be able to have a job. I knew the former teacher was moving, so I knew that I would like to take over and do this with the students,” explained Leesha VanderWilt. “I think recycling is important to the environment as well. We waste so much paper each year, especially as teachers and students. Each school assignment uses paper, but after it is completed, there is not much use for the papers, so being able to recycle and reuse the paper is a great way to help the environment.”

Recycling is very important and VanderWilt believes we should pay more attention to recycling in our school. Knowledge of recycling should be known; teachers are becoming more conscious of the benefits of recycling. Most of them have recycling bins in their rooms in efforts of collecting as many recyclables as possible. 

“I do try to keep this school in good shape since I take pride in my work. Part of my work is making sure my room is cleaned,”elaborated Leesha VanderWilt.

 Mrs. VanderWilt’s students enjoy being able to recycle around the school as well as helping her with recycling. They collect the small bins from each classroom and willingly take it to the recycling dumpster outside of the school.

“I like to help with recycling because it helps the community. I believe everyone should recycle since it is good for the Earth,” confessed Chyna Crockett.

Central is willing to recycle items such as paper, cardboard and other items that are able to be reused. Everyone should know what to recycle, it is advised that you pick up any pieces of paper that are laying around and putting it in a recycling bin near you.

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