Last Staff Spotlight of School Year Awarded To Attendance Clerk Mrs. Brock


Gregory Cantrell


Carson Simms, Staff Writer

Here’s a trivia question: How many times does the entry doorbell at the front of Central High School go off each day?

“I would like to say the doorbell goes off a million times a day, some days it feels like more.” Professed the nominee for “staff of the month,” LeeAnn Brock.

Brock, the attendance clerk who sits in a newly constructed “office” in the front entryway, has been a valuable staff member at Central for over 10 years now and proceeds to enlighten everyone’s day.

Brock was nominated for this recognition by the students and staff around the Central High School Campus. Students are able to scan a barcode on a poster on the wall to open a survey for the teacher and staff of the month award. Once a student nominates a staff member, their votes are then counted towards that staff member. The staff member with the most nominations wins the recognition and will be announced to the staff of the month.

“I really like my new office. I have a great view now that I have a big window,” Brock mentioned.

Because of this new addition, Brock is able to talk and interact with anyone who wants to enter Central High School through the front doors. Every time that doorbell rings, she is there to welcome them into the school and make sure that the person entering is safe to enter.

Before she was answering the doorbell “a million times” each day, Brock attended Central High as a teenager and graduated with the class of 1983. Not only did she graduate from Central, but her two sons also graduated here. Jeremy Brock, class of 2009, and Jake Brock, class of 2011, are both proud Central alums. Before working in the attendance department, Brock was a para pro.

“I love everything about Central. I have the best co-workers, not to mention great students,” she explained.

That feeling is mutual, according to Cameron Hook, a junior.

“Mrs. Brock is the first person you see once entering the building; she brightens up the day and makes it more enjoyable,” he said.

“I was very surprised and excited whenever I heard the announcement congratulating me on the award. I am so grateful to have such amazing coworkers and friendly students and I would like to thank you all for nominating me for the staff of the month award.”