Rayn Glover and Sarah Katheron Latham Named Central High’s Carson Scholars


Amber Burchfield

RAYN GLOVER AND SARAH KATHERON LATHAM ARE NAMED CENTRAL HIGH’S CARSON SCHOLARS- Senior Rayn Glover (Left), and senior Sarah Katheron Latham (Right) pictured together.

Maddox Tucker, Staff Writer

Two of Central High School’s seniors received the Carson Scholarship Award in May of 2022. Founded in 1994 by Dr.Ben Carson and his wife Candy, the Carson Scholarship Award is a high honor. Receiving a scholarship is a big accomplishment for any student. Glover and Latham worked hard over their past years at Central to be nominated by their teachers.

Carson Scholars receive these scholarships by volunteering in their community and working hard in school. It is awarded to those students who have a 3.75 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale, and they must be active in their community. This includes volunteering in places such as soup kitchens, nursing homes, senior centers, and more. In receiving this award, students earn a $1,000 scholarship used for the student’s college education, alongside a medal and trophy with the student’s name. Lastly, the students also receive an invitation to attend the Carson Scholar feast.

Sarah Katheron Latham was recognized for the 4th time in a row for the Carson Scholarship. After the first time receiving the scholarship, students are allowed to keep re-applying to try and earn it again. While you don’t get any additional benefits, it shows that you are still active in your community and school. Latham and members at her church started a club called the Good News Club at her former elementary school, Wallace A. Smith Elementary, for kids to sign up and have Bible and singing lessons. 

“Through all of this, it’s been really encouraging that all of my efforts of the past are worth something,” Latham shared. 

Senior Rayn Glover is the second student this year to receive the Carson Scholarship. Glover was ecstatic to receive this, due to her hard work in school and in the community. One way Glover earned this scholarship was by writing an essay about a topic that was very important to her. She worked hard to complete this essay to receive this scholarship. Rayn is currently getting her BSN and plans on putting her scholarship into Tennessee State University or Middle Tennessee State University.

“I went through the processes of writing an essay on a certain topic that was very near and dear to my heart to receive this scholarship,” Glover added, explaining her process in earning this scholarship.

Glover stated, “I was completely shocked to receive this scholarship.”