Positivity Club Hosts Winter Door Contest


POSITIVITY CLUB HOSTS WINTER DOOR CONTEST- Nikki Broussard pictured working on decorating her door for the winter door contest.

Alyssa Fax, Staff Writer

It is officially the holiday season; where lights deck the halls of every house, and the sky looms over with the threat of snowfall. The season of winter clothes zipped to your chin and cold breath permeates the atmosphere as we all rush to stay warm. Before Covid, it was a common sight to see teachers decorate their pods and doors. Until now, due to the pandemic, the tradition has lain in dust for the better part of three years.

The positivity club, which started last spring, focuses on promoting a positive school culture and raising school spirit. As the club brainstormed ways to boost holiday spirit, the door contest idea came about; a competition where teachers decorate their doors to become winter and Christmas themed The top three winners will earn prizes for their hard work. Club members will be assigned to any teachers who need extra help.

“I’ve asked a few teachers for input. All of the ideas I’ve been hearing for the door contest are blowing me out of the water,” Nikki Broussard, Central creative writing teacher, and leader of the positivity club declared. “I can’t wait to see them come to fruition!”

Brielle Farrow, Mr. Lewis, and Ms. Cochran will be the three judges walking from door to door. In order to be added to the door list, teachers must complete the survey on the flyers found around the school. There have been several prizes discussed, but so far a conclusion has not been reached; however, the leader of the positivity club has mentioned that she wants the prizes to be something the teacher would actually like to have.

Sophomore Hannah Taylor stated, “It’s a great way for people to get involved in the Christmas spirit and boost morale in the school!”

As November becomes December and we come to the end of another year, the season of bliss has begun once again, reminding us all who we are as a school and to remain in merry spirits through the holidays.