Valentine Lolli-Grams On Sale Starting February 9th


Ashleigh Vaughn

VALENTINE LOLLI-GRAMS ON SALE STARTING FEBRUARY 9TH- Senior Tyson Dean pictured purchasing a Lolli-Gram.

Ashleigh Vaughn, Staff Writer

Love is in the air at Central High. To most people, February is known as the month of love. People give gifts on February, 14 to not only their significant other but also to their friends and those they care about.

This year, 11th-grade counselor Chelsea Thornhill will host a Lolli-Gram event on Tuesday, February 14 to celebrate Valentine’s Day. On that day Thornhill and some student volunteers will deliver the Lolli-Grams on the school campus during the advisory period.

Senior Jonny Chong expressed, “I am looking forward to buying a Lolli-Gram to let someone I know that I care about them.”

For $1 your Lolli-Grams will include a blow pop sucker and a note card. In case you don’t have a significant other, there will be four different options with coinciding colors. Each color will indicate the meaning behind the gesture including white (which represents friendship), pink (which means it’s from a secret admirer), red (which tells someone you love them), and purple (which a student can tell a teacher that they appreciate them).

“I wanted to find a way for us to raise some more money from prom. I think this will help us get more stuff to have a memorable prom. I also think this is a cute little gesture to show someone how much you care for them,” explained counselor Thornhill.

Students can purchase these Lolli-Grams during their lunch period starting Wednesday, February 9th.