New Central Scholarship Honors Luther Masingill

LUTHER MASINGILL, LEGEND -- Luther Masingill was the voice of many locals in Chattanooga for over 70 years.

LUTHER MASINGILL, LEGEND — Luther Masingill was the voice of many locals in Chattanooga for over 70 years.

In loving memory of long-time radio host Luther Masingill, the Luther Scholarship for Communications has been created by the Central Alumni. While still a student at Central High, Masingill went into communications at age 18 for WDEF. He worked as a broadcaster on Sunny 92.3 for 71 years, and he was very devoted to WDEF. Later in his career, Masingill was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Luther Masingill shared the news world wide and around Chattanooga. He was considered the “patron saint of lost dogs”.

Hall of Fame founder and president Bruce DuMont was thrilled to meet Luther and stated, “He is an example of how a local radio personality can make a huge impact on a region. What he’s done will never be equaled. I don’t think there has been anyone in the history of broadcasting who has had the affection for and has been loved by his audience more than Luther Masingill.”

When Masingill passed away, a few thousand dollars were privately funded to get this scholarship on its feet. The Luther Scholarship qualifications are for students who have an overall B average,  a dream to be involved in communications, good character, and financial need.

“Luther was a giving guy, and these scholarships allow us to give back. He would love this,” vice-president James Walker explained.

The scholarship is funded at the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga. At the Community Foundation, bankers are the only ones who have access to the money, and their plan is to invest and to grow interest. The goal is to keep the Luther Scholarship around for as long as possible.

“This makes me very proud that the Central Alumni would take the time to put this together!” said Luther’s wife Mary Masingill.

Any donations should be mailed directly to and in the name of  “Community Foundations of Greater Chattanooga,” 1270 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402 and designated as Central High Scholarship Fund – Luther Masingill.