Girls’ Soccer Team’s Good Luck Doesn’t Last


Annette Wilson (Parent)b

GIRLS SOCCER– Kick-off to the season!

Central’s girls’ soccer team played their first game of the season against Howard on August 19. While there, they prepared for their first game with nervousness and excitement.

“This game is going to be a way for us to look at and get an idea of who will play what position and where we will all be,” Coach Scott Phillips remarked before the first game.

That is exactly what the team did. Each player ran onto the field with a hunger for victory, which paid off immensely. After two beautiful goals by Brittany Rucker, one from outside the eighteen and the other from just inside the six, Howard stepped up their game and their aggressiveness.

Thankfully, the Pounders stepped up as well. The next goal was scored by Hannah Holmberg, passed up by Yanett Torres from down field, which only excited the team even more.The first half ended with the Lady Pounders up three to nothing against Howard.

The excitement from the lead of the first half led to another ball sunk into the back of the net by Alyssa Rosenzweig, who dribbled the ball up field, followed by Brittany Rucker with another shot that soared past Howard’s keeper. With a score of 5-o, Central’s team grew eager for more and Madison Pitts and Haylee Smith both fired the ball into the goal, setting the final score to 7-0, Central.

After another week of practices and hard work, Central went up against Hixson, who came out aggressive and an urge to win.

Hixson’s girls pushed, fouled, and threw around Central’s team and forced Central to push back, but it was not enough.

Even though Central played hard and tried their best, many positions were mixed up and chaos came about the field. The game ended with a depressing score of 6-0, Hixson.

“We all played hard, but at least now we know what to prepare for during our next games,” remarked Rebecca Allen, Central’s goalie.

Not only were the Lady Pounders feeling low about the loss to Hixson, but the bad luck continued as they went up against Polk County. After about an hour drive out to Polk, the girls were ready to take the field – but that was until they actually did. Polk County played rough, taking every bit of energy out of the team and leaving Central in the dust with a whopping 6-0.

“It won’t last. We can and will pull together as a team and grow as a team. It will just take time,” commented Kerrington Severson, a sophomore on the soccer team, after the Polk game.

Even with a rough start, the Lady Pounders are determined to grow and improve, and that is exactly what they plan to do on Tuesday, September 2nd, against Marion County at Central.