Lady Pounders, Double or Nothing


Annette Wilson

A RACE FOR THE WIN — Central’s Alyssa Rosenzweig and Sequatchie’s No. 23 run against each other to reach the ball first.

On September 16, 2014, the Lady Pounders sprinted onto Central’s field with spunk and determination. Ready to go, they stood on their toes as Sequatchie County High School touched the ball forward, starting the game.

The second the ball moved, Central’s girls took off. With a vigorous fight and foul after foul, Sequatchie made their way towards the goal and set the score at Sequatchie-1, Central-0.

Again, they sent the ball soaring into the back of the net a whopping two more times during the first half. On their next attempt at a goal, Madison Pitts shielded Sequatchie’s skillful forward away from the goal and cleared the ball down field. Edith Espinoza received the ball and dribbled up field.

Ursula Santos made herself open for a pass, and when the opportunity came, she fired the ball into the goal. With a wild crowd, the score changed to Sequatchie-3, Central-1.

Unfortunately, Central’s girl’s soccer team could only get the one goal, and the second half began with another goal by the opposing team.

“We played hard. We had the skill to beat them, but they were just more aggressive than we were, and that really hurt us out there,” remarked Coach Scott Phillips after Tuesday’s game.

The game came to a close with many more fouls and plenty sweat, hard work, and exhaustion, with a final score of 6-1, Sequatchie.

“We’ll beat them next time. We know that we can,” encouraged Kerrington Severson, a sophomore on Central’s soccer team.

As if one loss for the week was not enough, the Pounders took another hard hit from Tyner High School after giving it their all.

On Thursday, September 18, Central’s soccer team searched to redeem themselves after being defeated by Sequatchie just two days before. Going in with the mind-set that they could win, the girls fought hard until the final three blows of the referee’s whistle.

Although the girls played hard, the first half ended with a tied score of 0-0.

“At this point, the game is going to come down to who wants it more,” Stone reminded the team at halff time.

“We wanted it. We knew that we could beat them, but we didn’t hold our shape and that really killed us,” noted Rebecca Allen after the game Thursday night.

In the last seven minutes of the game, Tyner’sNo. 15 dribbled up and shot the ball from just outside the eighteen. Tyner then jumped for joy and Central’s Lady Pounders grew goal-hungry as everyone watched the ball slide across the back of the net.

Within those last few crucial minutes, Alyssa Rosenzweig had five shots on goal, all rejected by the keeper, and Edith Espinoza had two shots and four crosses.

Even with the ladies’ hard work and determination, Tyner wanted it. They came onto the field more aggressive and hungry for victory, which is exactly what they got.

“Central’s ladies played really hard. It was a close game; I was worried the whole time,” complimented Tyner’s head coach after the game.

The Pounders are ready to play again and hope to defeat Rhea County on Tuesday, September 23 at Rhea County High School.