Central’s Wrestling Takes to the Mats Over Winter Break


Blake Catlett

CENTRAL’S WRESTLING TAKES TO THE MATS OVER WINTER BREAK — A Central student wrestles a Sequatchie County student.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Staff Writer

While some students were enjoying their days away from school, Central’s wrestlers were rolling out the mat for tournaments over winter break.  Central’s wrestling team participated in two wrestling tournaments over winter break: the Bradley Central High School Invitational and the Chattanooga Central High School.  The recently formed girl’s wrestling team did not participate in these tournaments; they have had the opportunity to wrestle once.  The girl’s wrestling team may be small and new, but they have high aspirations.

“I have improved and learned to manage my body weight and anger. My goal is to get to regionals,” explained Addison Wellington, a sophomore wrestler at Central.

Over the winter break, wrestlers participated in the Bradley Central High School Invitational, which is a wrestling tournament hosted by a school that invites teams from around the area to participate. Central Students did not place in that tournament. Central hosted an Invitational where Senior Donavyn Walker placed second. There were 18 teams that came to wrestle in 396 matches.

“We managed to only take one 30 minute break for lunch.  It was an exceptionally well-run tournament, probably our best yet,” expressed wrestling coach, Ryan Mallory.

A tournament with so many people requires a lot of organization and work for the hosting school.  For Central, this additional help came from the girl’s wrestling team, who gave up their time to come and support the team and assist with the tournament.

“The girls did not wrestle in the invitational; instead, they assisted by keeping score at the scorer’s table. Their help was essential in helping us run a smooth tournament,” stated Mallory.

Central’s wrestling team of ten– Noah Pinion, Makori Parks, Jack Neely, Isaiah DeLorenzo, Caleb Yglesias, Jordan Wright, Jaiden Hutton, Randall Gray, and Donavyn Walker– has shown their determination and anticipation for what is to come. The Central wrestlers are ready to face the rest of the season.

“I play my hardest. My goal is to be a better wrestler. I’ve learned to pace myself,” expressed Noah Pinion, a sophomore wrestler, as he described his experiences wrestling this season.

The wrestling season will continue, and wrestlers will strive for different goals, such as placing, in a local tournament, regional tournament, or even a state tournament.

“My goal is to [earn a] medal in [the] state [tournament] because there is nowhere to go but up,” concluded Walker