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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest


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New Teacher Spotlight: Paula Shetter

New Inclusion Teacher

Paula Shetter, a dedicated educator, embarked on a new journey this academic year as a teacher at Central High School. Hailing from Germany, she was born on May 21, 1968, but has spent the majority of her life in the serene town of Ooltewah, Tennessee. Shetter’s decision to become a teacher was influenced by her profound love for working with children, her passion for helping them grow, and her enthusiasm for engaging with young minds. One of the driving forces behind her commitment to teaching is the sheer joy she derives from witnessing her students make significant progress in their academic and personal development.

As Shetter has settled into her role as in Inclusion teacher at Central High School, she has expressed her overall satisfaction with the school community. However, like any educator who deeply cares about her students’ well-being, she has a thoughtful suggestion regarding the school’s dress code. Paula believes that certain modifications should be made, particularly with regard to hoodies and the enforcement of a minimum length for shorts. Her desire for a dress code adjustment stems from her belief that it would create a more conducive learning environment and uphold a sense of professionalism among the student body.

When asked about the meaning of life, Shetter exudes wisdom and positivity. To her, life’s purpose lies in treating every individual as an equal, striving to give one’s best in all endeavors, and maintaining a perpetually positive outlook. This philosophy not only guides her teaching but also serves as an inspirational beacon for her students.

While Shetter remains humble about her personal accomplishments, she cherishes what she considers her greatest achievement, raising her two daughters. The values she instilled in them undoubtedly reflect her commitment to equality, hard work, and optimism.

Just like anyone else, Shetter has her fair share of pet peeves, which reveal her dedication to effective communication and maintaining a respectful classroom environment. Talking over others, displaying disrespect, and interrupting her concentration are behaviors that irk her. It’s evident that she places great importance on fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and attentive learning.

Despite her modesty, Shetter possesses unique talents that may not always be immediately apparent. When she queried one of her students about what makes her distinctive, they pointed out her exceptional cooking skills. This ability to excel in various areas, from teaching to culinary arts, adds to the multifaceted nature of Shetter’s character.

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James Hurt, Staff Writer
James Hurt, 11, is a being seemingly born from the very essence of chaos. He turned 16 just before the 23-24 school year started. James currently lends his vocal talents to the Central Voices, where he occupies the role of a second bass.

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