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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

FEBRUARYS TEACHER OF THE MONTH -- Sophomore Amber Burchfield and Junior Luke Keown six feet apart (measured) from Februarys Teacher of the Month, Nathan Dawson.

Science Teacher Nathan Dawson is February’s Teacher of the Month

Bailey Brantingham, Editor March 10, 2021

As the school year comes to a close, the faculty at Central have been trying to produce as much enjoyment and school spirit for the students as possible. To add some much needed enthusiasm to the second...

CENTRALS NEW SCOREBOARD -- Shown above is a preview of what Centrals new scoreboard will look like.

Central’s Football Team is Getting a New Scoreboard

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

Over the past two years, our football team has had some issues with their scoreboard, such as the lights, the controller the referees use, and with the colors on the sign fading. Assistant Principal...

CENTRAL BRINGS IN NFHS LIVE STREAMING -- Central cheerleaders cheer on the Pounders.

NFHS Live Streaming Breaks Limitations Imposed by Social Distancing

Sarah Katheron Latham, Assistant Editor March 8, 2021

Social distancing has caused many limitations to be placed on school events: sports, concerts, and awards ceremonies. Less people have been attending sporting events. This is a result of people choosing...

ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS BRICK SALE CONTINUES -- The first bricks that have been ordered sit in the Central High School library.

Alumni Sponsored Brick Fundraiser Continues With Renewed Purpose

Sarah Katheron Latham, Assistant Editor March 3, 2021

In January 2020, the Central Alumni and Supporter's Association began a fundraiser that will leave behind a legacy for years to come. They began selling bricks to raise money for annual scholarships and...

COVID-19 TESTS NOW AVAILABLE AT CENTRAL -- Above is a image of the COVID-19 virus that has impacted the world for roughly a year.

Central to Provide Optional COVID-19 Tests on Campus

Grayson Catlett, Columnist February 24, 2021

As the pandemic continues, almost reaching a year since its beginning, Central is implementing optional COVID-19 tests that students and staff can take during office hours. The tests will be administered...

CENTRAL STUDENTS TAKE BENCHMARKS IN THE MIDST OF ONLINE LEARNING -- An English 9 student reviews their first benchmark test of the semester.

Central Students Take Benchmarks in Midst of Online Learning

Bailey Brantingham, Editor February 23, 2021

Over the course of this year, many schools have done the best that they can to make the school year feel like normal. Hosting clubs and sporting events as often as possible are just some of the ways that...

STUDENTS PREPARE FOR DEBATE COMPETITION -- The students that are a part of Centrals debate effort shown left to right: Adrian Copeland, Amber Burchfield, Mischa Johnson, and Mikiah Tate.

Central Physics Teacher Prepares Students for Debate Competition in the Spring

Grayson Catlett, Columnist February 17, 2021

An extracurricular activity that Central has not had much experience with is debate. Despite the school's expansive history, it has never truly claimed a debate team. However, past years have seen Central...

COVID-19 PANDEMIC CAUSES A DROP IN MATH COMPREHENSION -- Peggy Moyer is teaching her students on campus and through Zoom. She uses her Elmo to project what she writes to both groups of students.

COVID-19 Pandemic Causes a Drop In Math Comprehension

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

While schools have been out for nearly a year now due to the current global status, students have been continuously decreasing in overall comprehension among classes. A prominent issue comes with trying...

JROTC STUDENTS FACE POSTPONED ASVAB -- Central JROTC Members with the canned goods collected from the JROTC Annual Food Drive

Central Postpones ASVAB; New Date Yet to be Decided

Mackenzie Farner, Staff Writer February 11, 2021

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test designed to help determine student's strengths and find out where they would be most likely to succeed in the United States military. Central...

TIME SPANS ON SCHOLARSHIPS BECOME LONGER OVER THE PANDEMIC -- Stacy Alexander and Grant Scutt are elbowing to rejoice in the reception of an Alumni Scholarship.

Time Spans on Scholarships Become Longer Over The Pandemic

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic slowly declines, the offers for scholarships are still running crazy. From the usual paper applications to the current electronic ones, the Central High School Alumni Association...

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