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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

LITTER LYING IN FRONT OF THE CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL GYM -- A few random pieces of trash were left by students.

Don’t Be Trashy, Put Litter in Its Place

Bailey Brantingham, Video Editor March 27, 2019

While many students do not acknowledge it, there is a large problem at Central High School. The amount of trash found daily around campus has been growing and it does not seem to have an end in sight. A...

STUDENTS AND FACULTY EXAMINE THE MORALITY OF THE DEATH PENALTY -- Many people guilty of one of the most immoral crimes, murder, end up receiving a death sentence. The practice of execution has been debated for centuries.

Students and Faculty Examine the Morality of the Death Penalty

Marshall Sims, Staff Writer March 14, 2019

The majority of serial killers in the United States have been sentenced with the death penalty to some degree. From Ted Bundy and his execution in the electric chair in 1989, to John Wayne Gacey's death...

TEACHER STRIKES SHINE LIGHT ON THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN THE U.S -- Teachers have taken a stand and have decided to strike  against the education system.

Teacher Strikes Shine Light on the Education System in the U.S.

Dakota Wootan March 6, 2019

Recently, a major uproar regarding education has been making headway in the media. About a month ago, in Los Angeles, California, the LA Teachers’ Union went on strike, with 31,000 teachers walking off...

HIGH SCHOOLERS CARRY THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD ON THEIR SHOULDERS --Senior Lee Melton walks the halls of Central High with his backpack on.

High Schoolers Carry the Weight of the World on Their Shoulders

Karleigh Schwarzl, Staff Writer February 11, 2019

Backpacks became popular back in the 1980's and now they are a staple for students everywhere. They are seen as necessary resources for the school year, but tend to be a hassle for many students. This...

MARVEL AND DC BATTLE FOR THE BOX OFFICE  -- From comic books to movies, Marvel and DC have competed for the spotlight for years, and many fans debate on which company packs a better punch.

Marvel and DC Battle for the Box Office

Jack Graham and DayOnna Carson January 31, 2019

Regardless of whether or not one is an avid moviegoer, most people are aware of the blockbuster superhero films and adaptations that have risen to popularity in recent years. With that being said, many...

HOW FAST WILL SENIOR YEAR FLY BY -- Senior Alexis Massengale is counting down the day until the Class of 2019s last day of high school.

Editorial: How Fast Will Senior Year ‘Fly’ By?

Kaylee York, Staff Writer January 17, 2019

As the rest of the 2018/19 school speeds along, the class of 2019 shares a collective of mixed feelings regarding their final year of high school coming to bittersweet end. Some are excited to see it end,...

NEW YEAR, NEW MENTALITY -- Junior, Elena Salgado, tries to determine if she wants to stick with her New Years Resolution, to be healthy, or not.

New Year, New MEntality

Abby Young, Staff Writer January 14, 2019

Along with the opportunities of beginning a new year, crossing the threshold of the past year into the new one brings about “change” for many. One thing that stays consistent, however, is hearing the...

THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BORDER BARRIER -- The division mark between the two neighboring countries in the Laredo International Bridge.

Breaking Down the Battle at the Border

Cassandra Castillo , Associate Editor January 10, 2019

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe,” a quote inscribed on the Statue of Liberty who once welcomed all immigrants worldwide with open arms.  Times have changed,...

SHOULD STUDENTS BE SEGREGATED IN SCHOOL BASED ON ABILITY? -- Alexis Massengale (left) and Matthew Phan (right) show off their contrasting grades.

Should Students be Segregated in School Based on Ability?

Matthew Davis , Assistant Editor January 8, 2019

At Central, students are known to congregate with all classmates. Students and teachers do not separate based on race or gender as commonly done before the twentieth century. In recent years, however,...

COLLEGE: THE GREAT DECISION -- Mrs. Alexander helps many students look at colleges and apply for scholarships.

With College Deadlines Looming, Central Students Have Many Advisors to Turn to for Help

Celisia Snakenberg, Sports Writer December 21, 2018

Many Central High School seniors find themselves struggling to decide whether or not to further their education and attend college. It is important to begin looking at colleges and resolve this decision...

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