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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

WE ARE CENTRAL -- Centrals Cheer Squad gets ready for the Pounder Walk throughout the school to celebrate the football team going to the second round of the TSSAA playoffs.

Editorial: Central Students and Staff Continue to Show Their School Spirit

Meghan Duncan , Staff Writer November 10, 2017

“School Spirit is the pride in the school you attend, and all the positive things that you want to see about it,” exclaimed history teacher, Chris Kribs. At Central, we make things available for...

STUDYING IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS -- Sophomore student Breanna Johnson catches up on her reading assignment.

It Is Time To Get Serious About Grades

Sam Helmholtz, Staff Writer October 23, 2017

No matter how much you prepare, the start of school and the sudden surge of work and responsibility hits hard. The first quarter of the new year is simultaneously the easiest and most difficult time. Work...

STUDENTS AND FACULTY PONDER THE MEANING OF LIFE -- Sophomore James Ortiz stops for a moment to think about the true meaning of  life.

Students and Faculty Ponder The Meaning of Life

DayOnna Carson, Head Staff Writer September 22, 2017

Students have been asked about their future plans countless times, typically answering with the college and career they would like to pursue. There are many students, however, who are still unsure about...

DISPLAY OF FALL LEAVES -- An array of recently fallen leaves.

‘Fall’ing Out of Summer

Madi Blackburn, Staff Writer September 19, 2017

The first official day of fall is September 22, but that has not stopped the early spread of fall fever for students and teachers alike that has come with the recent cool weather. Unfortunately, it looks...

SAVANNAH SMITH SAYS GOODBYE -- Smith reflects on her 3 years on the Central Digest.

Editor-in-Chief, Savannah Smith, Hangs Up Clipboard and Says Goodbye to the Central Digest

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief May 12, 2017

Goodbyes are bittersweet. They can be sad, happy, relieving, or even heartbreaking. No goodbye, however, could ever describe the 3 amazing years of being on the Central Digest staff and how in only a few...

THE CLOSING OF THE 2016-2017 JOURNALISM CLASS -- Shelby Campbell bids her final goodbyes to The Central Digest staff.

Central Digest Copy Editor, Shelby Campbell, Says Final Goodbyes to the Central Digest

Shelby Campbell, Copy Editor May 11, 2017

Change is part of life. Spring turns into summer, children turn into adults, high school seniors become college freshmen, and Central Digest Copy Editors turn into loyal readers. Three years ago, I was...

ALLERGIES MAKE STUDENTS MISERABLE IN CLASS -- Seasonal allergies cause students to feel horrible while trying to focus in class

Editorial: Allergies Make Students Miserable In Class

Matthew Davis , Staff Writer May 8, 2017

Throughout spring, the hallways of Central High School are filled with sneezing, coughing, and blowing noses. With so many beautiful flowers blooming, there is a lot of pollen in the air. Pollen is one...

CENTRAL STUDENTS HARD AT WORK -- Juniors are seen punching the days newest assignment out of the ballpark.

Editorial: The Secret Behind Maintaining A+ Grades

Kimberly Merfert, Staff Writer/Video Editor April 7, 2017

Through the elongated, never-ending countdown to the end of the school year, students of all ages power through seven classes, five days a week in hopes of making the days pass by faster than humanly...

TRACK VERSUS GYM -- Both the track and gym are problems at Central, but which would be more beneficial to get redone?

Editorial: With Lack of Space for Large Events and Fine Arts Department, a New Gymnasium Could Benefit All

Jacob Johns, Business Manager February 13, 2017

Central High School has been in dear need of repairs for many years. With a continuing increase in growth from five feeder schools, to some classes being forced to be held in portables, Central needs some...

TRUMP SIGNS ONE OF 13 EXECUTIVE ORDERS -- In the wake of Trumps first ten days, protests have broken out all over the nation.

Editorial: Early in His Presidency, Trump Sets the Tone for the Next Four Years

Shelby Campbell, Copy Editor January 31, 2017

It is striking to see the undefined, amorphous, and rebellious spirit that so much of this country has displayed go untouched by the Trump administration. During the election, political leaders did not...

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