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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: TONIA MARTIN (‘92) ASSISTS STUDENTS WITH COLLEGE ENROLLMENT THROUGH SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT — Tonia Martin works as a college advisor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, creating software that assists prospective students with enrollment into the university.

Alumni Spotlight: Tonia Martin (‘92) Assists Students with College Enrollment through Software Development

Jack Graham, Videographer February 14, 2020

Over the years, Central High School has seen many students graduate. Many of these graduates have gone on to do things that have helped so many people. This is no exception with Central Graduate Tonia...

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: KYNDALL VAUGHN CONTINUES THE CENTRAL LEGACY -- Kyndall Vaughn, a Class of 2012 graduate,  is currently an English teacher at Ooltewah High.

Alumni Spotlight: Kyndall Vaughn Now an English Teacher at Ooltewah

Danae Wnuk, Staff Writer February 5, 2020

Part of Central's goal when educating its students is to put them on a path towards success in whichever career they choose. Central is proud of the many students who have graduated and continued their...

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: KELLY WNUK SHARES HOW BEING A CENTRAL GRADUATE HAS IMPACTED HER LIFE -- Kelly Wnuk says that Central was very integral in shaping her into a well rounded individual.

Alumni Spotlight: Kelly Wnuk Shares How Being a Central Graduate has Impacted Her Life

Jaheim Williams, Staff Writer January 27, 2020

Here at Central, the staff values students that graduate with a favorable career in mind. It is meaningful for incoming graduates to go down a career path that is both beneficial and unique to their skill...


Vance and Charlynne Fry (’54) Leave a Lasting Legacy of Service at Central High School

Sarah Katheron Latham, Staff Writer December 16, 2019

Central High School is blessed to have many alumni who continue to support students in various ways. Alumni Admiral Vance Fry and Charlynne Harris Fry were very involved students at Central, and they continue...

RECENT CENTRAL GRADUATE FLOR RAMIREZ (12) EXCELS AS A HAIR STYLIST -- Pictured is Flor Ramirez at her job styling a customers hair.

Recent Central Graduate Flor Ramirez (’12) Excels as a Hair Stylist

Jack Graham, Videographer October 28, 2019

Throughout its history, Central High School has produced numerous intelligent people that go on to succeed in the world; this is no exception to Central Alumna Flor Ramirez. A 2012 graduate, Ramirez...

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: JADYN SNAKENBERG (16) RETURNS TO CENTRAL WITH PRIDE AS A STUDENT TEACHER -- Central Alumni Jadyn Snakenberg (left) with Jacob Denton (right) pose as 2016 Mr. and Ms. Central.

Alumni Spotlight: Jadyn Snakenberg (’16) Returns to Central With Pride as a Student Teacher

Bailey Brantingham, Head Staff Writer October 22, 2019

Central is proud to produce successful students and give them a fun high school experience that makes them want to stay as long as they can. One of these students, Jadyn Snakenberg, graduated with the...

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: HARVARD GRADUATE RICHARD RICKY COOKE (62) CONTINUES TO EXHIBIT VALOR AND SUPPORTIVENESS -- Ricky Cooke’s consistent involvement in Central’s extracurricular activities has helped prepare him to serve his own country and be accepted into one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges, Harvard University.

Alumni Spotlight: Harvard Graduate Richard “Ricky” Cooke (’62) Continues to Exhibit Valor and Supportiveness

Cassandra Castillo, Copy Editor October 3, 2019

Those who have fond memories of high school are usually students who were actively participating in extracurricular activities on campus. Central has had many alumni who have received many opportunities...

JERRY SUMMERS (CLASS OF 59) REFLECTS ON TIME AT CENTRAL BEFORE HIS 53 YEAR LONG CAREER AS A LAWYER -- Jerry Summers recalls fond memories of Central before he attended university and became a successful lawyer.

Jerry Summers (Class of ’59) Reflects on Time at Central Before His 53 Year Long Career as a Lawyer

DayOnna Carson, Editor-in-Chief September 16, 2019

Most everyone attributes their high school years as a time of transformative growth and self discovery. Over all the years that Central has been around, a multitude of students have went on to become successful,...

ALUMNI DENISE KNOWLES-CHAMBERS (‘85) REFLECTS ON SUCCESS DURING HER HIGH SCHOOL CAREER -- Denise Knowles-Chambers and Ronnie Baker are depicted being crowned Mr. and Miss Central.

Alumni Denise Knowles-Chambers (‘85) Reflects on Success During Her High School Career

Dylan Muccino, Staff Writer May 21, 2019

Looking back on your high school career can sometimes be sad, but Denise Knowles-Chambers feels only success as she recalls her accomplishments at Central High. During her freshman year, she was ecstatic...

CENTRAL ALUM GREG WILSON WORKS AS A SUCCESSFUL WELDER FOR ASTEC INDUSTRIES — Greg Wilson decided to kickstart his career through a vocational education, which has landed him a successful job as a welder at Astec Industries.

Central Alum Greg Wilson Works as a Successful Welder for Astec Industries

Dakota Wootan May 21, 2019

Not everyone takes the traditional educational route of going through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. Oftentimes, it is implied by educators and parents that without a college...

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