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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

WHERES THE AUDITORIUM?-- Central High School has been promised an auditorium for 45 years, it was even in the original blueprints!

Central High’s Case of the Missing Auditorium

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief October 24, 2016

With over 1,000 students roaming the halls of Central High School, things can get pretty tight when it comes to sticking those 1,000 students in the Central gym for a school event or pep rally. From...

CENTRAL CHEERLEADERS DESERVE SUPPORT TOO -- Cheer coach Brielle Farrow and Senior cheerleader Miranda Lillard pose while showing off their school spirit!

Editorial: Support Central’s Cheerleaders Because They Support You

Meghan Duncan, Staff Writer September 27, 2016

Cheering for the Pounders? That is easy, but does it ever cross your mind to cheer for the people who cheer for the whole school: the cheerleaders? The cheerleaders cheer for the football team and the...

STUDENTS IN DAY-TO-DAY DRESS CODE -- Students in Mr. Mullins  room do their work while sporting their favorite dress code items

Editorial: How Necessary are School Uniforms?

Hannah Walker, Staff Writer September 12, 2016

For years, school uniforms have been hated by students, and somewhat loved by teachers and administrators. Throughout Central High School, everyone has a constant opinion on school uniforms that tend...

MANY HAMILTON COUNTY TEACHERS ARE CONSIDERED INEFFECTIVE -- Jose Sanchez teaches his Spanish II class the important of foreign language.

Editorial: Teacher Effectiveness Statistics Should Factor Real Situations of Students

Preston Fore, Assistant Editor September 9, 2016

On the first day of school, students are eager to see if they have classes with their friends, and teachers are investigating to find out which students in their classes will be studious and which will...

IS TECHNOLOGY TAKING OVER THE ART OF READING? -- As technology is spreading across the world, literature is being swept under the rug.

Editorial: As Literature Fades Away, Imagination Goes With It

Shelby Campbell, Copy Editor September 1, 2016

As the presence of technology grows with every passing minute, the art of reading is slipping further and further away with every vibration of the nearest iPhone. It is so easy to sit down with a hot...

MATT JOYNER ACTS AS FATHER FIGURE --Before joining Centrals team of teachers, Matt Joyner spent summers teaching children in Nicaragua and played a large role as a father figure for many of the children.

Editorial: Teachers Have Not Always Been the Teachers We Know

Meghan Duncan , Staff Writer August 24, 2016

When thinking of teachers, the first thing that comes to mind is assignments being handed out, lectures being discussed at the front of a classroom, or homework being collected before the bell even rings....

SUMMER ANTHEMS-- Josh Sizemore listens to his summer anthem as summer vacation nears.

Editorial: What’s Your Summer Anthem?

Jacob Johns, Staff Writer May 16, 2016

As the school year comes to a close and summer is just around the corner, students are excited to jam to old tunes, as well see what new releases hit the music community this summer. A "summer anthem"...

SMITH SAYS GOODBYE -- Smith reflects on her 3 years on the Central Digest.

Nedeau Bids Adieu: Central Digest’s Three-Year Editor Hangs Up Clipboard for College Dreams

Allie Nedeau, Editor-in-Cheif May 10, 2016

Goodbye, adiós, au revoir, aloha, see ya' later... It does not matter what language, goodbye is not easy to say. I started my Journalism journey about two and a half years ago during the second...

CENTRAL STUDENTS LOVE TO TRAVEL -- Traveling abroad is a great experience for high school students to learn about global cultures!

Traveling Abroad: Good Times and Valuable Lessons

Hannah Stone , Columnist April 29, 2016

At Central High School, students have endless opportunities to excel and grow. One of the most recent developments in student life has been Central's world-traveling group. Led by Kevin Parsons, the "Harrison...

STUDENT CHECKS GRADES ON POWERSCHOOL -- Josh Sizemore logs into PowerSchool to review his fourth quarter grades.

Editorial: Students Lose Focus At the End of the Year

Celisia Snakenberg, Staff Writer April 18, 2016

The end of the school year is just around the corner. Students are starting to not be as motivated to do well in their classes knowing that summer break is almost here. This can start a downward spiral. When...

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