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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT CHEATING ON A TEST  -- Male high school student looks off of his fellow peers test

Is Cheating In Schools Getting Worse?

Josh Sizemore, Staff Writer February 29, 2016

Admit it, everyone has cheated, or thought about cheating, on a test or quiz once or twice before. For some, it has become an instinct; A student may be falling behind and time is running out to figure...

SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOLS? -- Students spend too much time on social media than in school

Are You A Smartphone Addict?

Savannah Smith, Assistant Editor February 27, 2016

With popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it makes students wonder if they spend too much time on these apps than on school work. With seven classes a day, extracurricular activities,...

KIARA MOSTLY LYING ON EMILY BRANDONS BOOKS -- Emily Brandons 10 year old Great Dane lies with her while she studies.

Editorial: Pets Are Helpful to a Student’s Developmental and Social Skills

Shelby Campbell, Staff Writer February 17, 2016

It is estimated that nearly 68 percent of American families own a pet of some kind. Parents all over the country have been heard saying, "We bought the dog for the kids," or, "The kids wanted a cat," or,...

MENTAL HEALTH ART-- stand up to mental health stigma and show compassion for those who have a mental illness

Editorial: Dismissing and Demonizing Mental Illness in School

Justin Metcalf, Staff Writer February 4, 2016

Sometimes students are truly unable to appear and perform in school. Students get sick, transportation needs can not be met, and emergencies happen, but what about mental illness? Is mental illness a valid...

CENTRAL STUDENTS REQUIRED TO TAKE THE PRACTICE ACT-- Students reported to their testing rooms to do their best on the ACT practice!

Do Standardized Tests Accurately Measure A Student’s Abilities?

Alyssa Rosenzweig, Managing Editor January 28, 2016

Standardized tests and state exams are designed to measure a student at an educational level. They are increasingly being used to judge how states, counties, and schools individually are doing performance-wise....

CENTRAL STUDENTS BUNDLE UP TO STAY WARM -- Georgia Teems wraps herself up in the band room to avoid the cold.

Editorial: Lack of Air Control Makes Learning a Challenge

Savannah Smith, Staff Writer January 15, 2016

As the weather begins to get colder and more jackets are being piled on, both students and teachers are trying to make the best of the cool and stay warm. The only problem is that teachers don't get to...

RED QUEEN BY VICTORIA AVEYARD -- Mare Borrow just has to keep up the facade... Red in the head, Silver in the heart” .

“Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard: A Book Review

Shelby Campbell , Staff Writer & Photo Editor January 14, 2016

The 17 year-old pickpocket, Mare Borrow, the protagonist in Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen, is living is a poverty-stricken village, The Stilts. She's a commoner, a human, and a Red. Mare Borrow's blood...

TV, WEB, CELL, WHICH COULD YOU GIVE UP? -- TV, web, and cell have become everyday objects in our daily lives. Which one would you give up?

TV, Cell, Web: Could You Give Any Up?

Matthew Davis, Staff Writer December 17, 2015

With television, the Internet, and cell phones, it is no wonder that this generation is known for being as technologically advanced as we are. In the past decade, many new opportunities for people to connect...

SALES, LINES, AND MADNESS -- The annual Black Friday sales started earlier this year, but customers still participated in the craziness.

Editorial: How Black Friday Affects Central Students

Celisia Snakenberg, Staff Writer December 7, 2015

Black Friday was on November 27 this year. This national shopping day always follows Thanksgiving Day and has become a tradition for many Americans. In the past few years, stores have started opening with...

COMFORT IN A CUP -- No matter the exterior, Central students enjoy Starbucks drinks all year long.

Editorial: The Starbucks Cup Controversy

Payton Haley, Staff Writer November 25, 2015

With the chilly weather rolling in, the first thing most people do is run for hot cocoa and coffee. Everyone knows that Starbucks is the land of endless possibilities when it comes to flavors and name...

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