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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

COMFORT IN A CUP -- No matter the exterior, Central students enjoy Starbucks drinks all year long.

Editorial: The Starbucks Cup Controversy

Payton Haley, Staff Writer November 25, 2015

With the chilly weather rolling in, the first thing most people do is run for hot cocoa and coffee. Everyone knows that Starbucks is the land of endless possibilities when it comes to flavors and name...

STUDENT ARREST STARTS CONTROVERSY  -- A violent SRO arrest at Spring Valley High School starts major controversy about SRO discipline.

SRO Discipline: Does It Go Too Far?

Matthew Davis, Staff Writer November 20, 2015

In today's world, there are a lot of dangers to students. For example, 38 school shootings took place in 2014 alone. This and several other reasons are why many schools nationwide have Student Resource...

WORKING GIRLS -- Natalie Guevera (left) and Marisa Rawl (right) are two examples of students who have part-time jobs outside of school.

Editorial: High School Students Want Higher Wages

Payton Haley, Staff Writer November 6, 2015

Being in high school offers not only an education, but also many opportunities to go out and have fun. Whether it is an extracurricular activity or just hanging out with friends, there are endless possibilities...

THIS IS HALLOWEEN, THIS IS HALLOWEEN -- Halloween haunts the halls and students of Central High.

Editorial: High Schoolers Celebrate Halloween in Different Ways

Preston Fore, Staff Writer October 30, 2015

Halloween falls on October 31 every year, and it is a special holiday in many high school students' childhoods. As they mature, many high school students put a halt to the childhood tradition of trick-or-treating...

GENDER SWAP DAY BRINGS GENDER EQUALITY INTO MINDS OF STUDENTS --  Gender Swap Day invites conflicted feelings about gender equality into Central hallways.

Editorial: Homecoming’s ‘Gender Swap’ Day is Insensitive and Not Funny

Josh Sizemore, Staff Writer October 15, 2015

Central High School's homecoming week is full of tradition. There is a hall decorating contest, an all girls flag football game and the outrageous dress-up days that allow for creativity and fun. This...

LOCKED OUT -- The new security system locks out strangers and occasionally Central students like Ruebin Thrasher.

Editorial: New Security Locks on Doors a Sad Reality in Today’s World

Allie Nedeau, Editor-in-Chief October 1, 2015

Do you feel safe at Central? Our school recently received a new security system, and the Central Digest has mixed opinions about it. With events such as the shooting this past summer, we can understand...

CENTRALS EMPTY HALLS ARE REACHING FOR MORE FUNDING -- While students are in class, these high school hallways are just begging for some much needed funding.

With Less Fee Money Paid, Central Looks to Title I Funding to Fill Gaps

Preston Fore, Staff Writer September 22, 2015

Every year at Central High School, students and parentsĀ are pressured to pay their school fees, participate in fundraisers, and attend various sports events. Cooperation with these things helps keep our...

SKIPPING CLASS ISNT AS EASY AS IT USED TO BE -- You better be in class before the doors lock you out! Ditching class may be more difficult with new cameras and locks.

New Security System Provides a Whole New View of Central

Samantha Scott, Staff Writer September 12, 2015

Hamilton County schools have recently begun replacing their former security systems with updated ones, thanks to the profit gained from tearing down the old Ooltewah Elementary School. County Commissioners...

WHERES THE AUDITORIUM?-- Central High School has been promised an auditorium for 45 years, it was even in the original blueprints!

Editorial: Central Needs More Room; Auditorium Pod is the Answer

Brooke Mathews, Staff Writer September 8, 2015

When Central High School was built in 1969, it was the top of the line facility and the envy of Hamilton County schools. For over 46 years, those same structures have diligently served the students and...

EMPTY BLEACHERS -- The empty bleachers are a sign of no school spirit.

Editorial: Ticket Prices, Lack of Rivalry Hurting School Spirit

Samantha Scott, Staff Writer September 4, 2015

Central Pounder signs, purple and gold apparel, loud and proud cheers - each of these can be found at Central sporting events throughout the year. But do the main supporters of our school's athletics consist...

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