Alumni Spotlight: Joshua Ray (’94) Celebrates His First Year of Teaching


Meryl Turner

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: JOSHUA RAY (’94) CELEBRATES HIS FIRST YEAR OF TEACHING — Joshua Ray pictured in his senior year of high school to now.

Joshua Ray graduated from Central High School in 1994. Looking back on those four years, his best memory was the senior Washington D.C. trip. He and his friends made many memorable moments that he still laughs about to this day.

His freshman year, he participated in the yearbook club as well as soccer for one year. Ray preferred going to Central’s games instead of being on the field.

“I couldn’t manage school, sports, and work,” Ray informed.

This was because he was occupied with his job most of the time. However, he participated in baseball programs during the summer.

He took a lot of dual enrollment classes throughout his senior year.

“Mrs. Robbs was an absolutely amazing English teacher, along with Mrs.Hooper. I really felt like they provided me the tools to be successful when I got into college as far as an English standpoint. Mrs. Lee was [also] an amazing math teacher. [Taking dual enrollment] saved me a lot of time for taking other classes, since I had already gotten some cleared out of the way.”

Remembering his enjoyable experiences, Ray was truly proud to say:

“I felt like [Central] prepared me really well [for college]. I would’ve put my education up against any of my friends that were in private schools, and I think I would’ve won.”

After graduating from Central in 1994, Ray attended the University of Kentucky his freshman year. He then transferred to the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga. Working toward his aspiration to become a science teacher, Ray earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Secondary education, as well as a minor in chemistry.

After Ray left college, he worked in the retail field for twenty years.

“I felt like I used my degree in education every day because I was always teaching my employees to be better at whatever they were doing.”

Currently, Ray is elated to say that this is his first year as a Science teacher at Hunter Middle School.

“I love being able to influence these young kids [who] are becoming young adults. Middle school is tough, these kids need somebody to remember what it’s like… I try to make it as fun as I can while [they’re] there.”