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The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

The student news site of Chattanooga Central High School

The Central Digest

FARM LIFE -- Hanging out with the family goats and sheep.

Hey, Hay Hay!: You Have ‘Goat’ to be ‘Kid’ding me

Haylee Smith, Columnist September 14, 2017

I have a secret: I want to be a goat herder when I graduate high school. Just kidding. Although, if my future profession as a missionary does not go as planned, goat farming, here I come. My grandparents...

SENIOR VS. FRESHMAN --  Freshman Alex White pretends to beat up injured senior Haylee Smith.

Hey, Hay Hay!: Who Needs to Step Up, Freshmen or Seniors?

Haylee Smith, Columnist September 6, 2017

Walking into high school as a freshman can be hard. Every aspect of the year from being called a grape, getting booed at during pep rallies, or getting excluded from the overall group; it is not the most...

UNFORTUNATE START --  Collision on the soccer field leads to unlucky start of the year.

Hey, Hay Hay!: ‘Breaking’ Down the Start to my Senior Year

Haylee Smith, Columnist August 28, 2017

Senior year, the year every student looks forward to. The year we are released from public school and launched into adulthood. From the last first day, to the stress of getting college applications filled...

COLUMNIST, JARED EDDY, SAYS GOODBYE -- Eddy along with fellow seniors, Copy Editor Shelby Campbell and Editor-in-Chief Savannah Smith, celebrate their final year of high school.

But Seriously: Thank You, Central

Jared Eddy, Columnist May 12, 2017

Over the past four years at Central High School I have met some wonderful individuals and enjoyed the ups and downs here at my home. Becoming a Pounder at first was very hard for me, moving to a school...

BUT SERIOUSLY: WHY THE FLU-- Senior DAndre Anderson is suffering from cold and flu symptoms.

But Seriously: Why the Flu?

Jared Eddy, Columnist February 22, 2017

As many have noticed over the past several weeks, the flu is going around. It has been so widespread, Hamilton County and other surrounding counties closed school February 10th because of the amount of...

BUT SERIOUSLY: WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE? -- Columnist Jared Eddy stands as Seniors Miranda Lillard and Skyler Turner share a moment on Valentines Day!

But Seriously: Will You Be My Valentine?

Jared Eddy, Columnist February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! Before we dive into what Valentine's Day is, let us take a look at the history.  In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius designated Feb. 14 as “Saint Valentine’s Day.” It was a day...

BUT SERIOUSLY:  WHEN CAN WE PRAY? -- Football players from Central and East Ridge players pray over an injured Central  athlete.

But Seriously: When Can We Pray?

Jared Eddy, Columnist February 8, 2017

Over the month, Central High School has made local headlines. First, the track team was sidelined by the County Commission, then students started fundraising to get a new track. Now,  a complaint has...

SPEED BUMPS EVERYWHERE -- Columnist Jared Eddy stands next to new speed bump at Central High.

But Seriously: What’s With All The Speed Bumps?

Jared Eddy, Columnist January 10, 2017

With the new year in full swing, some new additions to Central were added over the holiday break and surprised many. A total of 25 speed bumps have been added to the Central High School campus after Central...

At halftime, the senior football players were honored. Before the game,the senior band members and cheerleaders were honored--SENIOR NIGHT

But Seriously: Senior Night Memorable for Many Reasons

Jared Eddy, Columnist October 31, 2016

Last Friday was Central's Senior Night, where the school honors the students that are in the 12th grade who participate in either football, cheerleading, or band. This is the last home game for the seniors...

SMILE FOR THE PICTURE -- Students get all nice and pretty for their perfect shot in the yearbook.

Picture Day: Total Success or Total Failure?

Jared Eddy, Columnist September 15, 2016

Every year, students are collected out of their English classes and placed in front a camera, grey background behind them, and a forced smile plastered on their faces. Picture day was September 13,...